The Goal

The dripping of the rain droplets matches the heart beats

The inhale and exhale is full of exciting whispers

Of the minds intense anticipation of the moment

The eyes are telling stories in abundant

The hard work is the reflections of the commitment

The walk towards the podium is pleasant

The claps of the crowd is a stamp of acknowledgement

The mind is in an uncontrollable state of enchantment

The reaching of a goal is the final stage of fulfilment

A big Opportunity for companies and others

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Want snow on your screen and to enjoy skating? Read this.

Want to have some fun with google. Then try  the following in  You can move your mouse as if you are skating in snow and the path is clearly visible.

Type ‘Hanukkah’ in and you will surprise screen.

Type ‘Zerg Rush’ and see the screen results are cleaned out

Type ‘askew’ and your computer screen will tilt.

Type ‘Recursion’ correctly but still google search asks you ‘DID you mean Recursion’  strange

Type ‘Mentalflex’ and click on the link google gives you . you will be taken to some strange screen again An April fool joke from Google.

You can play pacman straight on google search here

Download Google earth and open  it. Then go to tools -> flight simulator and you can fly all over the planet.

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Easy Code search for programmers / software engineers

If you want to search for code snippets from any web related languages or programming languages such as C, C++, Java, cobol, Perl etc you can use the following two websites. Just type a function name such as “printf” and will give you sample code. In Google code search you can select the specific language also

Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges

Motivation is of two types “motivated from an inner urge or an outside push.”

If you’re working hard because of your own desire for excellence that will actually lead to greater satisfaction, psychological health ,success in life and career.

But if you’re pursuing goals because of pressure from others — parents, teachers, bosses, peers — that’s likely to take you down the path of dissatisfaction and reduced well-being.

So motivating yourselves to learn things that help you in succeeding in career and life should be considered as your most important goal.

As you learn new skills you can use the following guidelines.

Monitor your performance. Note areas in which you excel and areas you need improvement.


Learn Communication skills by reading  , listening and watching great speakers.

Realize that failures and mistakes are just one step on the road to success.

Recognize that being aware of the impact that your behavior has on other people is a critical leadership skill and it will influence your success or failure in getting what you want.

Remember that when criticism is difficult to accept, there is probably some truth to it and you should start thinking of correcting the faults

And, finally, learn to give yourself and others credit for improving.

Learning skills  takes time and your interest to put some effort.