Reverse engineering Resume

I was helping one of my master students with his resume preparation and felt that I should write a blog on how job candidates should make their resume appealing from an employer’s perspective.

Before you start your resume you should put your imagination to work. You should think you are the recruiter and interviewing a candidate. What answer are you expecting from the candidate. As recruiter you will ask questions to the candidate as follows

Why are your skills right for this position?

Tell us more about your last job?

How are you going to add value?

What is your work ethic?

Tell us three adjectives that would describe your attitude?

What about your weaknesses?

Why should you matter to us?

Where do you want to eventually live and settle?

Where else are you looking and why do we stand out in your set of choices?

Are there any reasons why you would not take this job if it were offered?

I have written a book “Interview questions with answers” which have 80 more questions with answers so that all branches of engineering and MBA candidates can use it to prepare their Resume.

When you are reading the questions your mind also thinks of what answer you expect from a candidate.

Now let’s take one question from the above Why are your skills right for this position? “

Depending on job requirements you can have variety of answers for the above questions. 

Let’s assume the position is a Software engineer and expected skills are soft skills , Java, web and mobile technologies. …

One answer is : “My skills of java code will enable a process and quality improvement,  if implemented in a manufacturing firm production facilities”


If a Mechanical engineer has to answer the above question he/she can  consider this sample answer: “my deep understanding of engine technologies (let’s say hyrdolics )  made me to come up with new engine improvement ideas that would be helpful to the company and my knowledge of software coupled with Domain knowledge makes me productive right away “

Look at the answers I wrote. These answers enables you to understand whether your skills and subject knowledge is enough to meet the expectations of the recruiter. In your skills and abilities section of resume you can put exactly what kind of end results you can provide by using your java or whatever you learnt. . By clearly reverse engineering the end results of your training’s and skills you can put the same in your resume and your resume stands out from other candidates very well.

By answering other questions that matches your skills and abilities you can make a resume with end results in mind to clearly mention the benefits you can provide for a recruiter.

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Free online resources

Here are some great websites that serves your needs. The links include free Audio and video editing tools, movie making tools and internet knowledge sources.  Check the links and use appropriately

1.Audio tools for editing your audio files or  recording one with your voice.

Open culture aggregates all kinds of free online educational resources at one place  a great resource for students…

Internet archive . It is a database for academic purpose. It’s goal is to preserve the internet for generations to come.

Free music online proved access to free music. for those who wants to be a filmmaker

A video editing sites

Free java script resources

Open source java script libraries can help in designing responsive web designs.

Here are some good resources for typography.

credits for all the above links goes to

Google keyword can be used to find who is searching on your website check details here

Are you finding it hard to name your website? Then try this word merge app…

or this one

To know if your would be website name is already taken check here   It will search all the websites to find if some one already took your name or not…

Free excel like tool for IOS

Imagine cup and Top Information technology (IT) skills for the year 2013

Microsoft offers monetary support for those students who are innovative and come up with great ideas that helps society. Check for details here

some ideas that got prizes are as follows.

The government of India today said there will be a demand of 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals by 2015 for protection of IT infrastructure in the country as well as to serve the export market.

“Taking into account the requirement emerging for protection of information technology infrastructure in the country as well as to serve the export market, a demand for 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals has been estimated by the year 2015,” Minister of State for Communications and IT Milind Deora said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.

More about the news click here

Computer world’s annual forecast says that the following skills will in demand for this year and coming year.

Telecommunications:Skills in automatic call distribution systems such as  Cisco   UCC = Unifed Contact Centre  (generic) UCCE = Unified Contact Centre Enterprise  UCCX = Unified Contact Centre Express More can he known here and

Web2 skills: Open source software will rule and HTML5 Will be most sought after. Most of the web content is build for computers but not for mobile phones with varying degree of display ratios so there will be a need for Responsive web designs and all the present web2 content need to be made responsive to all kinds of devices moving forward . More about this here

Other software’s such as NoSQL  , R programming, Python, .Net, AJAX and PHP as key back-end skills, with HTML5, XML, CSS, Flash and Javascript for front end design will be in damand.

Data Center-Virtualization skills will be in demand due to cloud computing becoming more and more prominent that leads to  Networking experience in services like VMware and Citrix valuable.

Help desk and technical support in local languages becomes more and more prominent with use of internet via Mobile. Mobile related business, apps, services , games, product information all become much more prominent in coming years;  increasing demand for IT professionals who can master mobile Operating systems, apps related to mobile phones.

Presently many companies are looking  for people who can make their existing data, software available for access thru mobile.

Business intelligence will be in demand  and that will open opportunity for data scientists ( this will be the new job in the market). Analytic software’s  such as R programming, S programming, CRM will be sought after so those who are good in statistics, analytic’s can find plenty of jobs going  into 2013.

Water Bottle Bulb, GE Electric Networked Vehicle and Adobe EDGE with HTML5

A group of MIT students came up with a bright idea to power a poor man’s house with 60 watts of electricity for 5 years by just using a plastic bottle filled with water and few amounts of bleach to keep the water clean. Here is what they did.

Millions of homes are left in dark without power and light during day time also. What the MIT students did was to make a hole on the roof and push a plastic bottle filled with water plus beaching powder to keep the water clean. The water defracts the light, letting it spread throughout the house instead of focusing on one point.  The solar bottle bulb is illuminating 10,000 poor settlements across the Philippines with help from a company (

You can watch the video of the solar water bottle here.

I wish our students learn from these ideas and implement them in rural villages in India also.  Here are some more ideas that we should seriously consider for adoption for our rural villages.

In a recent development GE has unveiled a new type of electric vehicles called GM’s Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V). EN-V is a two seater vehicle that does not use fuel and will not emit any poisonous gases. It’s lithium ion powered batteries can be charged by plugging into any standard wall power outlets. The vehicle talk to each other thru GPS, vehicle to vehicle communications and distance tracking.

More can be read at

There is already segway in the market but it did not catch up with masses. Mostly used by police in US to monitor malls and departmental stores or side walks.  check more about segway here

Adobe today unveiled a new tool completely developed using HTML5 for web developers to use instead of Flash.

“Edge will let web coders “bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS,” according to Adobe’s Press release. Edge can be downloaded for free here.

News about it can be read here   Press release today…. Enjoy