Want snow on your screen and to enjoy skating? Read this.

Want to have some fun with google. Then try  the following in google.com

http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/performance/letitsnow/  You can move your mouse as if you are skating in snow and the path is clearly visible.

Type ‘Hanukkah’ in google.com and you will surprise screen.

Type ‘Zerg Rush’ and see the screen results are cleaned out

Type ‘askew’ and your computer screen will tilt.

Type ‘Recursion’ correctly but still google search asks you ‘DID you mean Recursion’  strange

Type ‘Mentalflex’ and click on the link google gives you . you will be taken to some strange screen again An April fool joke from Google.

You can play pacman straight on google search here http://www.google.com/pacman/

Download Google earth and open  it. Then go to tools -> flight simulator and you can fly all over the planet.

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