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The noun project, Technology news

Despite tons of images on the web finding copy right free ones is little difficult. The noun project is an attempt to create internationally acceptable, language free symbols for any one to use for their benefit. These images help in overcoming the language barriers and would be very affective specifically for disaster alert of the people who cannot speak and read other languages.  check the details of the project here

Another group is working on similar project and also popularizing the above concept is

Technology use in times of Disasters

Robots that help a lot in times of disasters check this

To deal with foreign language barriers DARPA came up with a software tool to make it easy check more details here

GE with help from L3 communications has changed the medical CT Scanners to 3D airport scanners. Check here for more details

For  police and firefighters there are tools to assist them during disasters. More details of latest in this field are here

In many parts of the world there are several attempts to modernize electricity supply and management thru smart grid , modernizing transportation by connecting all the transport systems by WI FI , GPS and other technologies. These efforts enables People and Governments to minimize the loss of life’s and protect infrastructure from damages caused by Natural and man made disasters. Hope India’s  transportation system adopts some of these measures.

Smart grid: According to Pike research Smart grid is a major area of investments and a good way for electrical utilities to go in order to protects it’s infrastructures during disaster by monitoring and shutting down via remote controls. check the report for more details here

In the area of  philanthropy  this foundation is doing a good work.

Future perfect when Present is controlled

I happened to read a Facebook comment from a young student who just joined the engineering course saying that they are going to have ton’s of fun during their college life.  Naturally he got so many likes and comments supporting him from his fellow students and others. I felt compelled to write this blog on this topic. There is no doubt or denying the fact that we should enjoy to the full extent during student life. It is the most memorable and fun time of our life. But “100% love” towards just fun, whiling away time, during college life or you have a balanced approach to fun, education and core skills to become a  “Darling”  for your parents, friends, society is what you have to decide.

Time flies just like that.  When you look back to your past after your college life you should not repent the missed opportunities or missed time that otherwise would have helped you to reach your goals and made you feel proud.

John lenon(  a singer once wrote, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” (in many cases having fun). It is easy to be busy with many things during the day. Most of us always think about future. We act based on that and there is nothing wrong in that but it is easy to get distracted from greater goals we set for ourselves. Many a times we come across some good ideas or opportunities, seminars, lectures  to help us reach our goals but we tend to ignore them for the sake of fun  or  may postpone the decision of doing something for  betterment, for later years. That becomes a costly mistake.

Many students I know are now repenting that they did not acquire the skills needed for them to get a job. I took classes to hundreds of such unemployed youth preparing them with necessary corporate (employable skills).  It is a costly mistake to pay for the rest of your life if you are forced to work in a company that you don’t like. Your goals and doing what you love to do for the rest of life is very valuable and life long fun and fulfillment.

It is easy to get caught up in distractions during the day-to-day life at college or work. At least once in six months or once  a year though, it is important to look back on what you learned new or whether you are equipping yourselves to reach your life goals.  If you find that you have not accomplished much in the past year remind yourselves that you are going to work more hard this year to achieve your goals. Otherwise you are next in line as millions of unemployed youth waiting for help from somebody to lift thme up.

So you decide. If you are Sincere,  hard working and smart you can control your Fate and God will help you in that matter.

Choice 1.  100% enjoyment in college life and a failure rest of the LIFE.

Choice 2.   Enjoyment +  Learn new skills other than college education +  your engineering subjects  but with 100%  dedication everyday. Success and happiness for the rest of the life.

You decide your future. It’s your life. It’s in your hands.

Here are some thought provoking questions to ask your selves.

Are you planning for your career goals?

Do you really want to make a mark of yourselves or live somebody’s life?

Do you have the courage, skills to achieve more than what you can imagine now?

Think of the founders of these companies. They are all students when they started their glorious journey of success and are now having a blast (having fun) for rest of the life. GOOGLE, Facebook, Instagram,

to name a few.

Water Bottle Bulb, GE Electric Networked Vehicle and Adobe EDGE with HTML5

A group of MIT students came up with a bright idea to power a poor man’s house with 60 watts of electricity for 5 years by just using a plastic bottle filled with water and few amounts of bleach to keep the water clean. Here is what they did.

Millions of homes are left in dark without power and light during day time also. What the MIT students did was to make a hole on the roof and push a plastic bottle filled with water plus beaching powder to keep the water clean. The water defracts the light, letting it spread throughout the house instead of focusing on one point.  The solar bottle bulb is illuminating 10,000 poor settlements across the Philippines with help from a company (

You can watch the video of the solar water bottle here.

I wish our students learn from these ideas and implement them in rural villages in India also.  Here are some more ideas that we should seriously consider for adoption for our rural villages.

In a recent development GE has unveiled a new type of electric vehicles called GM’s Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V). EN-V is a two seater vehicle that does not use fuel and will not emit any poisonous gases. It’s lithium ion powered batteries can be charged by plugging into any standard wall power outlets. The vehicle talk to each other thru GPS, vehicle to vehicle communications and distance tracking.

More can be read at

There is already segway in the market but it did not catch up with masses. Mostly used by police in US to monitor malls and departmental stores or side walks.  check more about segway here

Adobe today unveiled a new tool completely developed using HTML5 for web developers to use instead of Flash.

“Edge will let web coders “bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS,” according to Adobe’s Press release. Edge can be downloaded for free here.

News about it can be read here   Press release today…. Enjoy

GE and MIT medical Info graphic.

When we visit a doctor with a health problem they check your pulse, Blood pressure and sometimes ask you to get scanned. They sometime recommend urine, blood and other tests in order to diagnose what disease you are affected with.

GE with help from MIT SENSEable City Lab came up with a interactive map to show how symptoms are all connected so that it becomes easy at looking at a picture to arrive at the correct diagnosis.

This info graphic developed by GE and MIT are based on 7.2 million medical records gathered between 2005 to 2010. Using these data MIT students where able to identify how one symptom is linked to another symptom (symptoms of cough will follow with fever and body pains etc). Here is a cool graph of how all the symptoms are connected. The color coding has some significance too and related diseases are connected with similar color codes.

Link to the info graphs

GE’s FlexEfficiency* 50 Power Plant, a product of ecomagination

For decades, jet engines have been built with nickel-based super alloys, which are designed to withstand high temperatures (this increases efficiency) and quickly cycle on and off. But historically, natural gas power plants have used less-efficient steel components, explains Paul Browning, vice president of GE Thermal Products. Now GE is taking that jet-engine construction and using it in a power plant–a change that has dramatically increased efficiency and flexibility.
This technology allows GE to combine Solar, Wind and coal based power plants together with high efficiency.

In another news GE purchased a Ireland Company called FMC TECH ( FMC Tech software allows monitoring power distribution to homes and gives vital information as described below about FMC tech buyout.

“In particular, FMC Tech has developed a system for providing real-time data about conditions on the distribution grid, which is designed to integrate with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), energy management systems (EMS) and demand and outage management systems (DMS/ OMS).”