The Goal

The dripping of the rain droplets matches the heart beats

The inhale and exhale is full of exciting whispers

Of the minds intense anticipation of the moment

The eyes are telling stories in abundant

The hard work is the reflections of the commitment

The walk towards the podium is pleasant

The claps of the crowd is a stamp of acknowledgement

The mind is in an uncontrollable state of enchantment

The reaching of a goal is the final stage of fulfilment

How committed are you?

New Year brings with it some aspirations; unfulfilled desires within us which we wish to achieve. How many times you felt that you should accomplish something and you were not able to do?.   Until you change your daily routine or attitude or habits it is hard to become someone special. To achieve your dreams or unfulfilled desires you need to have the following characters.


How truly are you committed to making a change coming year? Do you know clearly what your goals are?  Can you measure them in hours of work/study or activity at a specific time of the day? How many times in the past you thought of doing something and failed. What could be the reasons? Did you analyze the reasons of failures? How many times did you change your plans because your friends want you to come to movie, or chat online on Facebook or go out to just roam on the roads when your goal for that day was to study your subject for exams?  Can you and willing to stay focused? How do you want to focus? Do you have any ideas how to resist the temptation of chatting on Facebook or going out with friends when you really want to study?  Are you willing to work long hours, weekends and holidays for a limited time to accomplish what you desire? (By the way by just roaming aimlessly on your Motor bikes on the already congested roads;  you are contributing more to global warming, polluting your surroundings, depleting precious oil reserves. One solution is to use bicycles or walk or run. Health improves and you are not part of ruining our planet)


  • To accomplish something you need to know how to plan. Do you know how to plan what you want to achieve? Did you plan long term or just for that day? Did you plan as far as 6 months to a year. Life is not a short movie ; so you have no choice but to plan for your future.   How many hours are you planning to spare for achieving your goals today, this month, this year and many years to reach great heights in your career and life.  How are you planning to resist temptations and distractions from friends and others? You need to re engineer your body and mind to accomplish something great.

Change Your Behavior – Develop New Habits

  • If you continue to do same things you did  in the past you will remain same for ever without seeing anything new because repetition only results in same results you are seeing all your life. How you feel about yourselves? Are you willing to put some effort to improve yourselves? Can you go thru the pain of working towards your goals?  Think big but start with the small steps. Practice continually to bring some value into every hour of your life with conscious effort and your best practices takes you to a new golden world(“ Kotha BangaruLokam “ in telugu language)

What is the biggest change you will make this coming year to prove your self that you have the willingness to help your self?  Start your year with a purpose and some goals and try your best to achieve them.

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