we see God in you not the devil

Dear Doctor

We share our sufferings because your expertise is elixir to our bodies, we always wish that you are hale and healthy because your caring hands for sure will cure us. Believe us, we see God in you not the devil.

The best of the health, the most of the memories of your family be with you because your healing touch makes us see God in you not the devil.

The blessings of the cured , always be with you for the sacrifices you make and we all See God in you not the devil.

Your deft handling of illness, every night and day shall not go in vain for most of the times because you do make us see God in you not the devil.

For the vigour and new life you gave dear Doctor, our eyes will be full of gratitude and we can only see God in you not the Devil.

You are the healer of the suffering, you are the answer of our prayers and it is truly our destiny when cured or not, but we only see God in you not the devil

Fate it is really in this journey of joy and sorrow, bliss and sufferings, health or illness but we are blessed by your well wishes so we see God in you not the Devil.

Blessings, gratitude, heartfelt thanks and the joy of being treated by you makes us feel that we have seen the GOD in you and you will never be a DEVIL,



You and I

Let us go then You and i

The evening beckons us of great desire

The mood between us is like a fire

The look from you intensifies my admire

The heart is pounding for having an affair

The mind races to take a step to inspire

You and I Let’s go then for reaching the stars

Where I can play your favourite lyrics on guitar

The longing for a union appears like a chocolate bar

The scent from the garden reminds that heaven is not far

You and I, Let’s drape the flowers like a draper

Your dress furls when the wind is your chauffer

You are the epitome of beauty and demure

The relation is a roller coaster tapestry that I love to endure

It’s me and you as  the world around us become obscure

Let us go then, you and I to a world where love and life is pure.

Pure water from salt water the cheaper way. Refrigerated by sunlight

Here is a a sustainable and useful idea for those living near the sea to use ocean water to get pure water. A clever design by Gabriel Diamanti gives 5 liters of fresh water from salt water. The method is very simple. He built a clay pot, a solar plate to heat and vaporize the salt water for desalination (vaporizing  salt water) , a metal base and collecting vessel.  Sun heats the salt water and condensation takes place. The water vapor is then collected at the bottom where it is cooler than on the top. This water is pure water and drinkable. Salt and other waste is cleaned out from the top for reuse of the same for more water.  Five Liters of  water can be collected on a good sunlight day. This idea should be made popular in our country since it is very cheap and effective way of collecting pure water in small scale by villagers. The following links gives you the pictures and the idea of how to build one for yourselves.



For more water related resources check the below websites.



For those students who want to do live projects the below resources gives you more ideas. Check them











Refrigeration by sunlight

Science  daily carries a article on how sun’s rays are used for cooling food that is kept in a fridge. The process involves heating water to 200 degrees F and then uses the heat to drive a compressor that lowers the temperature of a refrigerant in the fridge. With very hot climate in India I think this is a good solution of keeping farmers vegetable and fruit crops fresh until they are sold in the market. This method is environment friendly, reduces the usage of electricity to minimum.

I’m hoping that somebody takes this idea to implementation stage. The details about this process can be read at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100503111531.htm

The MEDISCO project (Mediterranean food and agriculture industry applications of solar cooling technologies) has built several of these solar refrigeration plants in Mediterranean countries where sunshine is plenty.  Engineers are using concentrating collectors to direct the sunlight onto an absorber that heats water. check more details at http://www.medisco.org/about/

New research in Purification of water

Lot’s of experimentation and research is going on in finding a cheap solution to purify water. Some of them are are looking promising for further research.

  1. Sand can be used in purifying water cheaply. But pure sand cannot filter deadly chemicals from a dirty pond. Rice university professors has developed a ‘Coated sand’ by coating sand with Graphite oxide (the one used in making the lead in the pencil we use). Graphite oxide is cheap , sand is cheap so it is one solution we should look forward to for purifying water. More details about this research can be found by clicking here.  http://www.wateronline.com/article.mvc/Coated-Sand-Excels-At-Water-Purification-0001
  2. TATA Swach: Tata’s filter, which lasts 200 days for an average family of five, uses a combination of paddy husk ash and tiny silver particles to kill 80% of all bacteria that cause waterborne disease.  TATA swach costs around Rs 1000(one thousand Indian repees). http://www.physorg.com/news179390123.html
  3. Assistant Professor Norma Alcantar from university of Florida found that when the mucus of the cactus plant is mixed with water contaminated with sediments and bacterium Bacillus cereus quickly filters them to the bottom of the water container. More about this can be read here http://inhabitat.com/cactus-gum-can-purify-water-cheaply-and-effectively/
  4. Researchers at MIT are working on a fog-harvesting device inspired by the Namib Beetle, an African species that gathers water droplets from the morning fog on its back and lets the moisture roll into its mouth.
  5. We should closely take a look at the chemical ALUM that is used in villages to purify water. More research is needed to find if alum can be used for purification of water. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alum