True celebration of Independence

Let’s celebrate when citizens have the freedom of safety 

Let’s celebrate when justice is prompt and a surety

Let’s celebrate when politicians really work for the nation

Let’s celebrate when bureaucracy works with dedication

Let’s celebrate when big and mighty wrong doers are charged for their corruption

Let’s celebrate when legal system delivers swift punishments without any adjournments.

Let’s celebrate when our environment is nurtured and kept clean and neat

Let’s celebrate when steps to stop illegal mining and exploitation of natural resources are concrete

Let’s celebrate when the law enforcement works honestly and ethically

Let’s celebrate when the thugs, corrupt and criminals are put behind bars swiftly

Let’s celebrate when educational institutes deliver world class knowledge and skills

Let’s celebrate when we billions wish of “Mera Bharat Mahaan” gets fulfilled.

Till then the celebrations should be a reminder

For us all to rededicate for reaching goals wiser.

Wish every Indian a very happy fulfilling independence day  

Business Ideas. Develop apps without knowing software code.

Ideas for would be entrepreneurs

Clean water for cheap: Lukas jager developed  a bowl that can be used for purifying water.  The bowls are made of a clay and sawdust mix that is fired at 850 degrees Celsius. The sawdust burns away during firing leaving behind pores in the clay that make it ideal for purifying liquids at a fast rate. By adding colloidal silver, remaining traces of bacteria are killed, extending the shelf life of the final product. look for pictures here

How to hide your emails from tracking

How To Hide Your Email: What Petraeus Did & What He Should Have Done

New ideas for a start up business in Philanthropic area

A organization called “Catchafire” creates new opportunities for talent based generosity. The website allows accomplished professionals with variety of skills who are looking for ways to put those same skills to good use for non-profits, social enterprises and NGO’s (it’s a kind of skills based philanthropy) join them . Catchafire will match the skills with non-profit projects based upon your skills and interests. The projects these professionals work are of high impact and high value for the society, spanning from few hours to many months.  Check out and see how your skills will be of good use for the betterment of the planet’s living beings at the site.

Nature”s article on generosity

Some links to those who are already working in this area are as follows

Develop Apps without knowing code

Using Whale example to explore deep in the ocean.


We take water for granted. Water is not just a concern for the future but is quite clearly a current Issue. Water issues must be framed in the wider context, including issues of efficiency of distribution , availability of safe, clean water, improving water resources, reducing travel and  transport time of water distributions, focusing on documenting how companies are using the water resources and how they handle pollutants etc. Based on current projections and research global population growth is set to rise from 6.7 billion today to over 9 billion in 2050. Unlike fossil fuels, water has no substitutes or alternatives and the way that water is currently managed in many countries is simply unsustainable.

Recently New York city’s Department of Design and construction worked with a team to provide guidelines on how to save water. Find more details of this good project at

Our Municipal corporation , state Govt. should work with builders, engineers, architects to make sure water usage and distribution is done well while permitting building constructions or infrastructure development of a town or a city.

Did you know that water makes 60% of human body, 80% of blood, 70% of brain. We can survive a month without food but we cannot survive without water for more than a week. Water that existed for millions of years exists today also and it covers most of the planet. Only 3% of that is fresh water and most of that is ice and 1% is used by humans and industry.

Did you know that most of the water is wasted in over pumping,  flushing toilets, washing clothes ,   leaking pipes, taking showers (10 minute shower uses 50 gallons of water) , filling bath tubs,  brushing teeth while tap running(4 gallons but without tap running it just .25 gallons)

Did you know that millions of people live on less than 3 gallons of water per day? Millions of people are becoming refugees because of contamination in water and they are forced to move out of their homelands. On top of this we are now experiencing global warming and extreme weathers with floods in some places and dry lands in some places. One in five doesn’t have clean water to drink. According to United Nations a child dies due to contaminated water every 15 seconds. We might run out of water before we run out of oil.

As both the world population and the demand for clean water are increasing, water availability is decreasing in some locations around the world. We are already experiencing the scarcity of water for agriculture use in India. We saw India suffering from losses in food production and high prices of agricultural products. Our Water problem is becoming a hunger problem too.  check the below links

Heavy use of water by industry is building up pressure on this precious natural resource too. There is some awareness by global corporations about  the water problem and they are taking some steps

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has turned its attention to water as well and recently released the results of its first Water Disclosure (WD) questionnaire More can be learnt here (

Here are a few highlights from the 2010 CDP WD report, which went out to 302 of the world’s largest companies. Of the respondents (and 25 unsolicited submissions)…

  • 50 percent of the companies foresee near-term risks (1 to 5 years), with 39 percent currently experiencing impacts such as disruption to operations from drought or flooding, declining water quality, and increases in water prices.
  • 67 percent already report on water related issues to the board or executive committee level.
  • 89 percent have developed specific water policies, strategies and plans
  • 60 percent have set water-related performance targets

And the CDP WD is not alone — several key reports on water risk and opportunity have recently been released.  Check this links for more information. The Nature Conservancy protects Earth’s most important natural places — for you and future generations — through great science and smart partnerships

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has taken a lead position over the last 30 years, in assessing and monitoring the state of global water resources and their use and management. In collaboration with partners and collaborating centers, it collates and analyzes water resource data on a global scale.

Finally water is desired, beneficial and  necessary.

Now you know that we live in a thirsty world. We are all thirsty, agriculture is thirsty, industry is thirsty. It is time we take a serious look of how we use water daily. Do your best to rethink about this issue and please let your friends also be made aware about water problem?

Water will be next issue for war between countries in future.

some more links on water

Butterfly inspired secure currency Notes, Nature inspired technologies

Nano-Optic Technology for Enhanced Security (NOtES), Clint Landrock and Bozena Kaminska at Simon Fraser University, stumbled into the potential security applications of plasmonics  while trying to find a way to increase the efficiency of solar cells and they instead  created an atoms-thick display that can be read by humans or machines and that shines with the brightness of a typical LED despite using nothing but reflected light. The nanotech driven very tiny holes can be made on the currency notes that they shine even in semi dark light to enable to cut down on fake currency. The technology was inspired by the Blue Morpho butterfly, whose brilliant blue coloration comes not from pigment but the way that tiny holes in its scales reflect light.  There are many other technologies that are made by learning what nature has perfected for billions of years. Here are some more sample of how some smart people and companies are learning everything from nature and adopting it for commercial purpose

As per research by  Ernst & Young recently   40% year-over-year growth rate is observed in companies that adopted environmental friendly business practices. These companies have taken a great look at how they operate and what kind of products, tools etc they produce or use and drastically cut down on those that harm nature. By doing that they become more profitable and in turn sustaining the efforts to keep the environment clean. Hope many more companies will follow in their foot steps. For more details on this  check this Brigther planet website.