Business Ideas. Develop apps without knowing software code.

Ideas for would be entrepreneurs

Clean water for cheap: Lukas jager developed  a bowl that can be used for purifying water.  The bowls are made of a clay and sawdust mix that is fired at 850 degrees Celsius. The sawdust burns away during firing leaving behind pores in the clay that make it ideal for purifying liquids at a fast rate. By adding colloidal silver, remaining traces of bacteria are killed, extending the shelf life of the final product. look for pictures here

How to hide your emails from tracking

How To Hide Your Email: What Petraeus Did & What He Should Have Done

New ideas for a start up business in Philanthropic area

A organization called “Catchafire” creates new opportunities for talent based generosity. The website allows accomplished professionals with variety of skills who are looking for ways to put those same skills to good use for non-profits, social enterprises and NGO’s (it’s a kind of skills based philanthropy) join them . Catchafire will match the skills with non-profit projects based upon your skills and interests. The projects these professionals work are of high impact and high value for the society, spanning from few hours to many months.  Check out and see how your skills will be of good use for the betterment of the planet’s living beings at the site.

Nature”s article on generosity

Some links to those who are already working in this area are as follows

Develop Apps without knowing code

Using Whale example to explore deep in the ocean.

From plastic waste to energy

Plastic is derived from natural gas or oil. so it is a source of energy. If you burn plastic for cooking it gives more heat than normal wood or charcoal. But it does pollute the environment while burning plastic in the open.

As part of a project Dow chemicals burnt 578 pounds of plastic ( linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a material used in plastic bags, plastic wrap and films, as well as other products like cable covers and tubes) to convert plastic to energy. It claims that it could recover 96 percent of the energy by burning down the waste plastic materials. We in India should also consider option of burning plastic to convert it to energy instead of sending used plastic bags to landfill. More details of this news click here

Waste-to-energy plants are a mainstay of garbage disposal in Europe, as well as an important source of heat or electricity. About 400 plants are scattered across the continent, and together they take care of about 30% of the plastics Europe diverts from landfill.  The Netherlands, for instance, landfills only 3% of its trash, and burns 35% for energy.

Hope we in India do our best to reduce use of plastic or convert plastic back to energy.