Business Ideas. Develop apps without knowing software code.

Ideas for would be entrepreneurs

Clean water for cheap: Lukas jager developed  a bowl that can be used for purifying water.  The bowls are made of a clay and sawdust mix that is fired at 850 degrees Celsius. The sawdust burns away during firing leaving behind pores in the clay that make it ideal for purifying liquids at a fast rate. By adding colloidal silver, remaining traces of bacteria are killed, extending the shelf life of the final product. look for pictures here

How to hide your emails from tracking

How To Hide Your Email: What Petraeus Did & What He Should Have Done

New ideas for a start up business in Philanthropic area

A organization called “Catchafire” creates new opportunities for talent based generosity. The website allows accomplished professionals with variety of skills who are looking for ways to put those same skills to good use for non-profits, social enterprises and NGO’s (it’s a kind of skills based philanthropy) join them . Catchafire will match the skills with non-profit projects based upon your skills and interests. The projects these professionals work are of high impact and high value for the society, spanning from few hours to many months.  Check out and see how your skills will be of good use for the betterment of the planet’s living beings at the site.

Nature”s article on generosity

Some links to those who are already working in this area are as follows

Develop Apps without knowing code

Using Whale example to explore deep in the ocean.

Clean and Green. What’s your take?

Yesterday I read that Google has raised salaries by 10% for the most talented and best employees in order to retain the best talent going away to companies such as Facebook or starting their own company. It is not new to find many professionals (Employees) who wish to start their own company. There are people who reach a point in their career where they are satisfied with their achievements as employees and want to try at entrepreneurship. There are many young students who have brilliant ideas and want to be entrepreneurs too.

You can be successful in career or as entrepreneur if you adjust to the ever changing requirements of the modern business. If you are employee it is easy to learn new skills since many of the good companies have internal trainings to modernize their employees. But if you are running a company you should make sure to predict the future and get ready to face it.

We have reached a stage where environmental changes and things like global warming is threatening our existence and as per many surveys companies that support environment have greater chances of surviving in future. That’s why we hear a lot about clean and green. Yesterday we took our first step in E.Godavari district by banning plastic use. We have a long way to go to be clean and green.

So companies that pollute our cities will close (so better check the company, before you join) and companies that support our environment will survive.

In general Companies will grow rapidly if their business is supporting environment. Companies such as Google, IBM, GM, FORD, HP, Diamler to name a few are all focusing on changing their business to help prevent polluting the planet. These companies use less plastic, rewiring their office buildings so that the power consumption is reduced to bare minimum, reduce use of nature polluting materials in their products etc. These actions not only help the planet but bring profits to the companies with improved efficiencies in their business.

An example of how clean and green efforts help everybody is as follows.

“Daimler Benz, for example, used to rely largely on plastic fillers for its Mercedes-Benz headrests but began adding coconut fiber in its place. Recently, the company partnered with the South American environmental organization, POEMA to help coconut farmers improve their farm management by promoting sustainable mixed-use agriculture. The farmers’ production of coconut fiber has increased four-fold. With less risk of input shortages, Daimler has now stopped using plastic fillers entirely, realizing five percent savings in the process. Less cost, less plastic, more sustainable farming — what’s not to like? “

If you are student and want to start a company, don’t just think of profits you can make today but think how to sustain it for future and it better be clean and green company too.

Here are some good companies that are environment friendly and innovative. Hope these companies will give you new business ideas so that you can start one too.  Tree Zero that makes paper from sugar cane husks. These husks are the byproduct of the sugar production process, and it turns out the fiberous pulp (called bagasse) is ideal for making paper.The paper, which performs as well as regular copy paper, can be recycled with regular paper, is biodegradable, and uses less bleach than paper made from tree pulp. Mars the company behind chocolates such as M&Ms and Milky Way, has cracked chocolate’s DNA code and instead of immediately filing a truckload of patents to protect its intellectual property, the company is sharing it with the world. Its genome map of the cacao tree will be available on the Web for free to anyone. Farmers can now grow pesticide resistance cocoa trees that could improve cocoa yields and helps chocolate companies with more cocoa and for us more chocolates to eat. Husk Power Systems (“HPS”) lighted the first village from its first 100% biomass based power plant that uses discarded rice husks to generate electricity and today it has installed 60 mini-power plants that power ~ 25,000 households in more than 250 villages and hamlets and impact lives of approximately 150,000 people in rural India.   The greenxchange is an innovative revolutionary partnership that brings together companies, people, and ideas to create sustainable change that affects us all. transformational change happens when individuals are willing to share ideas, work together, and seek solutions that create more efficient, more profitable, and more meaningful business opportunities/models The Global Eco-efficiency Jam topics will address a broad set of opportunities for efficiency in keeping with IBM’s Energy and Environment Framework

Some more websites that you should check are helps young entrepreneurs with money and all kinds of business support , ,, world resources institute

There are many more companies in India and abroad that are working towards clean and green planet. Let’s do our bit and I want you to plant a tree and nourish it.   Switch off lights, TV and fans if none are using them in your houses, offices or at college. That’s the least you can do.