Butterfly inspired secure currency Notes, Nature inspired technologies

Nano-Optic Technology for Enhanced Security (NOtES), Clint Landrock and Bozena Kaminska at Simon Fraser University, stumbled into the potential security applications of plasmonics http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=the-promise-of-plasmonics  while trying to find a way to increase the efficiency of solar cells and they instead  created an atoms-thick display that can be read by humans or machines and that shines with the brightness of a typical LED despite using nothing but reflected light. The nanotech driven very tiny holes can be made on the currency notes that they shine even in semi dark light to enable to cut down on fake currency. The technology was inspired by the Blue Morpho butterfly, whose brilliant blue coloration comes not from pigment but the way that tiny holes in its scales reflect light.  There are many other technologies that are made by learning what nature has perfected for billions of years. Here are some more sample of how some smart people and companies are learning everything from nature and adopting it for commercial purpose




As per research by  Ernst & Young recently   40% year-over-year growth rate is observed in companies that adopted environmental friendly business practices. These companies have taken a great look at how they operate and what kind of products, tools etc they produce or use and drastically cut down on those that harm nature. By doing that they become more profitable and in turn sustaining the efforts to keep the environment clean. Hope many more companies will follow in their foot steps. For more details on this  check this Brigther planet website.  http://www.brighterplanet.com/


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