Morning walk

The day starts normal with a semblance

The moment I step out, the garden fills me with its fragrance

Without paying attention to the clouds forming rings

The gutsy wind surrounds me with cadence

The path is full of ups and downs making me tenacious

The flying birds are chirping with a musical brilliance

The devotional songs from the temple nearby revealing the god’s omniscience

The light fresh breeze kissing the face to wipe the sweat away with vengeance

The eyes gaze the passers-by with casual impertinence

As the walk progresses the mind anticipates for a better experience

The waving trees reminds me that the reality of a dream is non existence

The cruelty of time passing by forces me to be cognizance

As I turn back to retrace my steps the world around me becomes irrelevance

The day starts normal with   expectations for a new attainments.

Wave powered Boats, Mushroom Plastics

Liquid Robotics is a company that built a boat called “wave glider robot” that uses wave power to propel itself forward. We have many monitoring stations on the ground but this one is on the ocean to monitor water quality for Oil companies like the ones we have in India. The Boats are also equipped with solar cells has zero emissions, requires no fueling, and doesn’t need any power. The company give away the boats for free but sell the data monitoring services. Dept.of Oceanography, ONGC , Reliance and other offshore / Onshore companies should take a hard look at these emerging technologies. More details click here.

Mushroom Plastics

We all know that polystyrene (Plastic materials)  is used extensively, practically non-biodegradable, toxic to marine and other life, and not really recyclable but just reused. The reused material is again thrown away. A New York based company ECOVATIVE came up with a idea of mixing mixing agricultural waste, such as rice husks and oat hulls,  with Mycellium (Mushroom)  (   in the growth phase by making the mushroom hard enough so that they can use this biodegradable material instead of polystyrene. The stuff is used by companies such as Steelcase, Ford to name a few.

Check more details at  Ecovative plans to license its designs, both in the U.S. and overseas.