Hare and Tortoise Story

Credits for this blog: Smt. Padmasree M USA

Most of us have read a beautiful story about a Hare and a tortoise having a race.During the race Hare takes rest by going to sleep while the Tortoise wins the Race.

The moral of the story is that sincere, hard working , determined and steady paced people will eventually overtake the fast but complacent or careless people.

But the story does not end because both the Hare and Tortoise are still there seeing each other every day. The hare realized that he was over confident, complacent and took things too easily. He decided to have a re-match with the tortoise and made him agree. This time the Hare ran as fast as it could and crossed the winning line within no time and Tortoise lost the race.

The moral of the story ?  Determined to win  rapidly with consistency will always beat the slow and steady .
The story did not stop there. Now Tortoise wants to have a Race with the Hare. It realized that it is hard to beat the Hare in a normal course. This time Tortoise wants a different route to race and the Hare agreed for the race feeling surprised and thinking how tortoise can beat it in spite knowing that it can run faster.  The race started and Hare ran swiftly until it came to a bank of a river. Now Hare don’t know how to cross the river. There is no bridge, no one to help it to cross the river. Tortoise meanwhile caught up with the Hare jumped into the river and reached the goal winning the race.

The moral of the story? Know your strengths and take on your competitors(or work)  in areas of your core competency.

You thought the story ended there. No way. Let’s continue what they did now.

After some time they become good friends and decided to race against others. On the land the Hare carried the Tortoise on its back and in the river the tortoise carried the Hare. By helping each other with their complementary skills they were able to beat other teams easily and win the race.

 Moral of the story? It is good to have individual skills to succeed to a certain level but by collaborating with others who has complimentary skills will result in more success

You can become phenomenally successful as a team if you can work together with others.

Imagine how long it takes for Hare to learn swimming if it want to go alone. Same happens with Tortoise. It cannot run fast even if it tries for years. Teamwork is mainly about situational  leadership, letting the person who is good to lead the team as required by the situation.  Being supportive team members the whole team can bring wonders to whatever they want to do.
There are more lessons on teamwork to be learned from this story. Note that neither the hare nor the tortoise gave up after failures. The hare decided to work harder and put in more effort after his failure. The tortoise changed his strategy because he was already working as hard as he could, but was not doing as well as he wished.
In modern day competition and global work environment we should be in a position to work with anyone without any bias and within the team to make sure all succeed.
It is the same in life, if we can collaborate with people who are experts in certain areas that we are not familiar with, we should allow them to lead and we get a chance to learn many life skills from them.

Students are you listening?  Next time you want to conduct a seminar or host a show think about this story.