Software Services for Business   lets developers accept payments in their app or website same business like braintree , makes it easy to accept credit card payments on a website or mobile app by eliminating the need for merchant accounts and gateways. JavaScript libraries and Android and iOS toolkits take care of capturing customer card data. enables data exploration by allowing developers to pose free-text or more structured queries to large volumes of data via aRESTful API. It’s built on top of the Lucerne Apache project, a Java-based text search engine.

Firebase is BaaS (backend as a service), a cloud database , replaces all the usual server-side infrastructure with highly scaleable and secure data storage. When one client updates the data repository, where data is stored via an API as JSON, the changes are synchronized by notifying all other clients  Use Firepad’s rich text features for collaborative blogging, note taking, proofreading and much more! Platform as a Service (PaaS) companies and it supports Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python, and Scala. PaaS services let developers concentrate on writing code rather than operating infrastructure by managing servers, deployment, and scaling for them. Over 4 million apps are deployed on Heroku. has been making developer tools like IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), including the widely used Java IDE IntelliJ, as well as continuous integration and project management tools for over 10 years. JetBrains is now creating a new statically typed language for the JVM called Kotlin.  is a hosted service for adding real-time features like notifications, chats, and data feeds to web and mobile applications. Essentially, it lets developers offload a lot of the work of real-time synchronization to Pusher’s RESTful API. New information is sent to the API and Pusher uses awebsocket connection to push new updates to the browser instead of pulling them from the server.  helped developers to deliver millions of transactional and marketing emails like purchase confirmations, without having to run their own email servers. To send email through SendGrid a developer just needs to change his email configuration to point to SendGrid’s servers. by letting developers add voice, SMS, and VoIP functionality into web, desktop, or mobile software. You can even build an entire call center system with Twilio’s cloud API including call queuing, routing, and call recording.

Facebook access thru your Phone

You can use FACEBOOK even on your most primitive phone without paying for any service plans. Just Dial *325# and login to your facebook account on your phone. Presently this is working on Airtel , TATA Docomo, IDEA and aircel. This service is brought by Fonet with help from FACEBOOK. Facebook is trying to reach the maximum users and India offers it to become a very rich company without much effort with millions of users having mobile phones. The more time we spend on Facebook the more money it makes thru advertisements. This service does not need any internet connection or 3G or 4G services and can also be used on the most primitive phones such as Nokia 1100. As per a report this service by Fonet will charge you one rupee per day for accessing Facebook on your phone.

Disclaimer: Please verify before using this service. We never know what kind of hidden charges and other issues will happen. This blog is just for letting you know what is available  to you. We will not be responsible for any issues with this service.