Inspiration Strikes

The sight of beauty is when inspiration strikes

The emotional speech is when inspiration strikes

The bonding between souls is when inspiration strikes

The relation building is when inspiration strikes

The deep story of a movie is when inspiration strikes

The sight of a delightful place is when inspiration strikes

The change of a season is when inspiration strikes

The smell of a flower is when inspiration strikes

The school days memories are when inspiration strikes

The dream girl showing up in front of eyes is when inspiration strikes.

The college days and friendships flashing thru mind is when inspiration strikes.

The sight of a big goal is when inspiration strikes

The relentless hard work to realize a dream is when inspiration strikes

The scent of money is when inspiration strikes

The discount sales is when inspiration strikes

Yes there is no boundaries, no time, no matter when and why inspiration strikes.

Medicine and your health.. …

Unbranded medicines (generic medicines) are far cheaper and best alternative than a branded Medicine. The price variance is huge and it is better to always look for some decent unbranded variety if a Doctor prescribes a Branded Medicine. As per this video from of MR.Amir Khan’s satyamevajayateshow India is exporting NON Branded drugs to a tune of Rs. 350000 crores. Check more details here

Doctor’s might be getting huge commissions for prescribing us the Branded Medicines.  So before buying branded drugs check the below links to find if you can find a generic drug.

Health tips.

In a recent study in the international journal on obesity they observed that the early you eat the less obese(fat) you will be. I observed that many are eating their lunch , dinners very late. The food won’t digest easily if you eat late into the afternoon or night. Check more details on these findings here

Scientists at Oxford university found out that virus can be trained to kill Cancer cells when taken. More details can be found here

Office workers and software guys. The more you sit the more you will suffer with chronic disease. To avoid make sure you do Yoga, meditation, walk a mile every day, pick a sport and practice every day…

Drinking cold drinks such as coco cola, Pepsi etc will make you fat (Obese). They have high calories due to high furctose corn syrup (HFCS) and high levels of sugar content.

Pay attention to your carbohydrate intake and avoid artificial sweeteners. Sugary snacks and other refined carbs spike blood sugar and cause fat to settle in your midsection. Choose whole grains, beans, and vegetables instead to stay lean and healthy

Do you have chronic headaches or Migraine Then learn more here 

For headaches rubbing peppermint oil, Tiger Balm, or white flower oil into your temples will relieve it.

for sore throat chew ginger. It relieves you from cough and sore throat.

Have craving for sugar?  Eat a Radish or olive or cooked green vegetables.

Eat Bananas which are rich in Potassium to reduce blood pressure

Holy basil (tualsi leaf), may help manage levels of the stress hormone cortisol, helping to boost your mood. Eat it raw when you are under stress or mix it with tea.