Free education from MIT, Princeton or stanford

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is launching a online diploma courses under a new name called MIT.x  free of charge to anyone interested. Traditional education is becoming expensive and needs students to leave their native place in search of higher education. Technology is changing the game in such a rapid form and many   universities, colleges are forced to adapt to new way of teaching with less cost to students.  Many online courses are already available but there is a fee to be paid to get a certificate from reputed universities. MIT plans to teach free education online with a MIT certificate sent to you on successfully completing the course. Here is the link for more information.

Already academic earth ( is bringing education to masses thru online courses from universities like Princeton and Stanford and will be giving strong competition to MIT .

For those who want to know which university is good in US,  Kiplinger finance has come up with a list of 200 Best universities. Each year, Kiplinger’s assesses quality, cost of education  , the percentage of students who are admitted out of those who applied, the test scores of incoming students, the ratio of students to faculty members, and the four- and five-year graduation rates. Check for more details here

With  khanacademy (   and youtube education (   , singularity university  and flatworldknowledge there are plenty of opportunities for students and those who are interested to get a diploma or degree to pursue or learn a subject matter for free from some of the best professors and teachers online.