Are you on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social sites? Then read this.

According to a study we spent lot’s of time on Facebook and other social sites to drive away boredom, for interpersonal communication and self expression. Most of the content on Facebook does not add any value because we are not seeking information but just trying to express ourselves. Facebook or any social website is bad for students or many of the working employees. Our brain is built to think of  ourselves (our goals, studies, career etc) and work hard towards achieving success but the brain is also wired to seek recognition , pleasure and fun. When the Brain is free(most of the time when you are doing routine work)  it looks for pleasure and fun. The brain’s favorite past time is thinking of friends, movies, celebrity’s,  fun or other people. The craving to interact with people, get recognized  made Facebook and other social websites successful.   Facebook and other social websites are built to cater to our inner feelings of wanting to get recognized (seeking friends, building our online reputation and our desire for  people to click LIKE button on our posts) .  Social media has become so rewarding and addictive and makes our brain weak and we forget to focus on building our career’s or preparing for the crucial exams.  It is very hard to control our impulse and this pleasure seeking brain makes it more hard for people to focus on what is important for life and waste many hours online seeking pleasure or recognition.  The following is a extract from  Forbes magazine article

““Facebook has had a huge impact on the social, emotional and cognitive development of young people,” says Steyer, an expert on media and children’s issues, who is concerned about how social networking affects children and teens’ brain development. “It’s time to have a serious discussion about this.” Steyer founded and runs non-profit educational group Common Sense Media and is working to kick that discussion into higher gear with his new book “Talking Back To Facebook: The Common Sense Guide To Raising Kids In The Digital Age.”

The above facts are confirmed by a study conducted on students who are failing in studies. Here is the link for more details on the facts

So now you know the danger of too much time spent on Facebook or any other social media.  It is time that you look at the other blog I wrote on how to become smart again  with simple steps and get back to success in your studies or career.

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