Let’s not do it better , Let’s do it different

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

― Albert Einstein

Recently I started paying attention to connect different comments posted on Facebook to see if I can come up with a different insight and experiences that are different than routine. On Facebook I saw postings of joy and relief when exams are completed and students planning different activities to enjoy holidays before next semester starts. One was excited to go to Mumbai and some going back to their native cities and towns to hit the malls and cinema theatres. I saw posts from professionals who are planning of having trips to exotic places. I watch comments, likes flowing into photos posted on the face book. One of my friend posts about the songs he likes, another posts photos with beer cup in his hand.

My observations is that when we go to a farmers market we ask our mind questions related to food and when we are watching cricket game   in stadium we ask questions about the game to our mind such as where the fielding players are standing and what the scores are and who might win. We don’t usually think asking our mind  how to cool our tension with a nice and fresh fruit from a vegetable market when we are in a crowded cricket stadium or how to prepare for our next exams.

Our mind is processing thoughts and giving us answers to questions that we ask. The questions that you are asking are what drives your behavior and is the key for your success in getting better at everything you love to do. By combining the fun and excitement of game with a healthy drink of fruit juice instead of junk food makes your experience more memorable and keeps you healthy from nervous breakdowns but you did not ask you mind how to do that before going to the game.

We can maximize our fun, experiences, find new possibilities and enrich our lives if we can think of different things that can be done by asking the right question to our mind.  So if you are having holidays and want to have fun or great experience ask your mind what are the new options you have other than the predictable things you do during a holiday.   This is what is called an innovative mind set is. This kind of asking the mind, the right questions enriches your life with better experiences and may lead you to more opportunities that you have never imagined possible. I always ask this question myself at the end of the day “What is that one thing that you did differently today?”  The key to innovation is to connect unrelated dots from different things to come up with new experiences, new possibilities and new opportunities.  Good luck for a “ better life with best practices” (My company’s tag Line and vision)