Imagine cup and Top Information technology (IT) skills for the year 2013

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some ideas that got prizes are as follows.

The government of India today said there will be a demand of 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals by 2015 for protection of IT infrastructure in the country as well as to serve the export market.

“Taking into account the requirement emerging for protection of information technology infrastructure in the country as well as to serve the export market, a demand for 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals has been estimated by the year 2015,” Minister of State for Communications and IT Milind Deora said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.

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Computer world’s annual forecast says that the following skills will in demand for this year and coming year.

Telecommunications:Skills in automatic call distribution systems such as  Cisco   UCC = Unifed Contact Centre  (generic) UCCE = Unified Contact Centre Enterprise  UCCX = Unified Contact Centre Express More can he known here and

Web2 skills: Open source software will rule and HTML5 Will be most sought after. Most of the web content is build for computers but not for mobile phones with varying degree of display ratios so there will be a need for Responsive web designs and all the present web2 content need to be made responsive to all kinds of devices moving forward . More about this here

Other software’s such as NoSQL  , R programming, Python, .Net, AJAX and PHP as key back-end skills, with HTML5, XML, CSS, Flash and Javascript for front end design will be in damand.

Data Center-Virtualization skills will be in demand due to cloud computing becoming more and more prominent that leads to  Networking experience in services like VMware and Citrix valuable.

Help desk and technical support in local languages becomes more and more prominent with use of internet via Mobile. Mobile related business, apps, services , games, product information all become much more prominent in coming years;  increasing demand for IT professionals who can master mobile Operating systems, apps related to mobile phones.

Presently many companies are looking  for people who can make their existing data, software available for access thru mobile.

Business intelligence will be in demand  and that will open opportunity for data scientists ( this will be the new job in the market). Analytic software’s  such as R programming, S programming, CRM will be sought after so those who are good in statistics, analytic’s can find plenty of jobs going  into 2013.


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 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is launching a online diploma courses under a new name called MIT.x  free of charge to anyone interested. Traditional education is becoming expensive and needs students to leave their native place in search of higher education. Technology is changing the game in such a rapid form and many   universities, colleges are forced to adapt to new way of teaching with less cost to students.  Many online courses are already available but there is a fee to be paid to get a certificate from reputed universities. MIT plans to teach free education online with a MIT certificate sent to you on successfully completing the course. Here is the link for more information.

Already academic earth ( is bringing education to masses thru online courses from universities like Princeton and Stanford and will be giving strong competition to MIT .

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