The Rising stock Market

Note: While reading today’s newspapers (14/12/2020) the below stocks came to mind. The rates in the brackets are from National Stock exchange (today morning)

Disclaimer.  Below quoted stocks are Not advice for investment . Views are personal and should not be taken as a recommendation for buying or selling a stock.

The rise of the stock market , the trends to be followed to reach the target

Water trading by wall street, does this not hint VATECH WABAG (199) to be catching the heat

Steel prices hitting the roof , HEG(830) and Graphite(260) , can you stay aloof?

LIC booking record profits during April to November, Listing of the same to be something to remember

Solar modules and cells  attracting import duty  ,Under Governments KUSUM  can BOROSIL Renewables (131)  deliver the booty?

Market pundits busy with Carona Vaccine stocks picking, I am sure NARAYANA(385), HCG(159), SHALBY(108),Max Healthcare(140)   will be clicking.

Semiconductors shortage hits AUTO sector , Sasken (740) will be a darling and new high’s hitter

 FPI’s on a buying binge,   With more trains on the track  2000 per share for  IRCTC(1450)   is at a INCH.

India ‘s PLI scheme is attractive ,  investment in medical equipment maker Polymedicure(529)  will be proactive.

Massive investments in reality and infrastructure rising  , Oberoi(530), viaska(388), Everest(387), HIL(2048)   lying low is Surprising.

Paris agreement to reduce the global warming foot print, Petronet(265), Gujarat GAS(359), IGL(258) will   guide us to Money MINT

The cultural  shift to OTT  and entertainment to the peak, the rapid rise of  zee entertainment (214) cannot be bleak.

The Online gaming industry getting investments of  more than 175 Million , allotment of  NAZARA IPO shares can make you watch Cricket from the men’s Pavilion.

Sixty percent share of LI-ION raw materials with CHINA, TATA CHEMICALS(508) battery technology patents  be the nirvana?

Stock markets and Budget day

Stock markets, what is hot should be bought.

Rising and shining stock, missing it stands a good chance.

Global sneeze or a cold, for sure markets will crash-land with full load.

Prices scaling new heights with dizzying array, missing out in selling keep your portfolio in disarray.

Emotions run high and dry during a stock market day, there is no chance of keeping calm at bay.

Markets make you a poet, becoming a big bull invites you to the red carpet.

Economic survey connects with ancient wisdom, No clue why our leaders uses that with freedom

Budget Taxes are critical to watch, finance minister balancing the fiscal deficit and economic growth is the catch.

Investors looking for Dividend distribution tax, LTCG tax cuts, without which repatriation of foreign capital brings stock market prices to peanuts.

Common man to corporate honchos having spiritual sessions for body and mind,  not having great expectations from budget keeps us steady and sound.