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Despite tons of images on the web finding copy right free ones is little difficult. The noun project is an attempt to create internationally acceptable, language free symbols for any one to use for their benefit. These images help in overcoming the language barriers and would be very affective specifically for disaster alert of the people who cannot speak and read other languages.  check the details of the project here

Another group is working on similar project and also popularizing the above concept is

Technology use in times of Disasters

Robots that help a lot in times of disasters check this

To deal with foreign language barriers DARPA came up with a software tool to make it easy check more details here

GE with help from L3 communications has changed the medical CT Scanners to 3D airport scanners. Check here for more details

For  police and firefighters there are tools to assist them during disasters. More details of latest in this field are here

In many parts of the world there are several attempts to modernize electricity supply and management thru smart grid , modernizing transportation by connecting all the transport systems by WI FI , GPS and other technologies. These efforts enables People and Governments to minimize the loss of life’s and protect infrastructure from damages caused by Natural and man made disasters. Hope India’s  transportation system adopts some of these measures.

Smart grid: According to Pike research Smart grid is a major area of investments and a good way for electrical utilities to go in order to protects it’s infrastructures during disaster by monitoring and shutting down via remote controls. check the report for more details here

In the area of  philanthropy  this foundation is doing a good work.