After a gap I have gone back accepting global assignments in ERP consulting again. Iám also studying MBA under Andhra University.  I accepted part time work  so that I can spare time for my passion for teaching. I was once a Mentor for MSIT (Master in science and information technology,   under “Center for Higher learning”) course,   in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (USA) at JNTUK campus.  Juggling between global software project work , studying MBA and teaching needs proper time management schedules and I  follow a certain flow  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology) for doing my best. I  love getting to my peak performance at anything i take up  pretty quickly. In other word I want to get back to flow. It took a while for me to find the rhythm I needed. But I felt that I should share my experiences with my students and others  who read  my blog. While interacting with students I  found that many are struggling to get the best out of their day  and to find success in whatever they dream of doing.  But many are not able to focus on neither studies nor in other positive actions, that contribute to their success due to lack of willingness to work hard towards their goal, lack of focus ,concentration and the facebook effect  (https://skillsnest.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/facebook-or-other-social-websites-are-harmful-to-you/ ) .  If you are building a new machine or developing  software games or you are a software coder you cannot achieve peak performance at your work with just a couple of attempts. It takes some time and good effort to find a rhythm and consistency at your work. If you want to become expert in one area , it takes ten thousand hours of practice to achieve perfection in whatever you do. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/on-luck-success-and-10000-hours.html Here are some ways of getting back to your peak performance of whatever you want to do.

  1. Yoga, Meditation is a proven way of getting back your focus. Try learning the right way of yoga/ meditation and practice it. Yoga improves your health tremendously, and Meditation brings peace and tranquility to a turbulent brain.
  2. Visualization .Imagination.  Many from sports use it. It is mental rehearsal. It enables them to find some way of achieving what they want to. More about it here. http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/sport_psych/a/aa091700a.htm
  3. Try doing something that scares you,  for example presenting in front of audience. It is emotional feelings  that have to be controlled to bring the best out of you.
  4. Your study room matters a lot. Keep your table tidy. Remove the mountain of books on the table. The more clutter you find on your table the less you ware inspired to study. Otherwise find a serene place where there is good lighting. Well lit parks are good places for yoga,  studies and physical exercise .
  5. Moods matter a lot in whatever you want to do. If the mood is not good then listening to music and going to gym or parks is a good way of relaxing your brain.
  6. For some,  Coffee gives the relaxation they need but too much of coffee is not good for health.
  7. Visiting temples, church or mosque gives the peace of mind you need so that you can come back with peace and work on your assignments. Try that out.
  8. Finding the best time of the day for studies also helps to prioritize what you want to do at that time.
  9. Everyday exercise , morning or evening walks in parks  helps to tone up your body. Prayer, meditation helps your mind.
  10. Doing what you love the most is what matters. So from early stage of life try finding what you love the most and develop the skills you need and find success.

Medicine and your health.. …

Unbranded medicines (generic medicines) are far cheaper and best alternative than a branded Medicine. The price variance is huge and it is better to always look for some decent unbranded variety if a Doctor prescribes a Branded Medicine. As per this video from of MR.Amir Khan’s satyamevajayateshow India is exporting NON Branded drugs to a tune of Rs. 350000 crores. Check more details here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-945ReVFuAo

Doctor’s might be getting huge commissions for prescribing us the Branded Medicines.  So before buying branded drugs check the below links to find if you can find a generic drug.






Health tips.

In a recent study in the international journal on obesity they observed that the early you eat the less obese(fat) you will be. I observed that many are eating their lunch , dinners very late. The food won’t digest easily if you eat late into the afternoon or night. Check more details on these findings here http://www.nature.com/ijo/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/ijo2012229a.html

Scientists at Oxford university found out that virus can be trained to kill Cancer cells when taken. More details can be found here http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090522081217.htm

Office workers and software guys. The more you sit the more you will suffer with chronic disease. To avoid make sure you do Yoga, meditation, walk a mile every day, pick a sport and practice every day…

Drinking cold drinks such as coco cola, Pepsi etc will make you fat (Obese). They have high calories due to high furctose corn syrup (HFCS) and high levels of sugar content.

Pay attention to your carbohydrate intake and avoid artificial sweeteners. Sugary snacks and other refined carbs spike blood sugar and cause fat to settle in your midsection. Choose whole grains, beans, and vegetables instead to stay lean and healthy

Do you have chronic headaches or Migraine Then learn more here http://www.healthcentral.com/migraine/understanding-migraine.html?ic=4018 

For headaches rubbing peppermint oil, Tiger Balm, or white flower oil into your temples will relieve it.

for sore throat chew ginger. It relieves you from cough and sore throat.

Have craving for sugar?  Eat a Radish or olive or cooked green vegetables.

Eat Bananas which are rich in Potassium to reduce blood pressure

Holy basil (tualsi leaf), may help manage levels of the stress hormone cortisol, helping to boost your mood. Eat it raw when you are under stress or mix it with tea.

Free earth quake notice in your mailbox. Forecasting our future made easy

If you are interested in receiving email alerts on earth quakes before hand and you are interested to know for your own geographic region (say India ) , you should use the  U.S. Geological Survey agency free service.The USGS website says that information for U.S. earthquakes is generally available within 2-8 minutes but for earthquakes outside the U.S., it may take up to 20 minutes to report the activity.You need to register and create your profile and choose the area you want notifications. For registration and step by step guidance follow this link below https://sslearthquake.usgs.gov/ens/

There are twitter and Google earth notification of earthquakes from all around the world . Check them here https://twitter.com/#!/USGSted  and http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/kml.php but it is not specific to your region alone.

Google just came out with a new disaster notification service to alert and also help during disasters using its google maps. Check more details here http://www.google.org/publicalerts

Forecasting: No one can predict future. The idea of future thinking helps to make better decisions today.  So with help from the people from across the world we can predict to a certain extent  what our future looks like.. Foresight engine designed by “Institute for the Future” is able to predict micro futures (small amounts of correct future predictions) by allowing people from across the globe to participate in its gaming like challenges. This Foresight Engine game experiment enabled to quickly   track thousands of answers to questions such as “cure neurological diseases” . The challenge to cure neurological diseases , sponsored by the Myelin Repair Foundation, attracted 3,000 ideas from 400 players with ideas ranging from mobile clinical trials to “public knowledge gardens.”

Check this out to participate by clicking here