Kabali The movie in my words

He is thalaivar (leader) for masses and his life is full of brilliance

For any movie he can set fire on screen with his appearance.

The release of his movie makes media to become crazy

For his fans the day of the release makes them frenzy.

The loyalty and admiration for him is unheard anywhere

Even Hollywood or any world stars cannot dream or dare.

The name invokes instant adrenaline rush

The person has become an icon with a gush.

Kabali the movie set the imagination of millions of fans on ecstasy

The teasers of the film revoked the golden era of his earlier films fantasy.

The posters and cut-outs, the stickers on aeroplanes to auto rickshaws painted cities across India in colourful tapestry

The marketing of kabali paraphernalia, products, and his cake statue makers made merry with alacrity.

The super star of Indian movie is a god for millions of diehard fans with his enigma

Rajinikanth the name means magic, madness, marvel, mass hysteria, marketing puzzle, modern mogul of cinema and he is lovingly called as thalaiva.


–dedicated to diehard fans of marvellous actor Rajinikanth.

22/7/2016  RK