Some good Job related apps and websites

Those who are on the look out for jobs here are some good IOS/Andriod Apps.

1.  Job Talent 

2. Job Campus :

3.Jobr :

4.Job Interview questions :

5. Visual Resume :

6. Job Search Engine :

7. A Better Interview :

8. Career attraction :

9. Career Bliss :

10. JOb Interview questions :

11. Tweet my jobs :


Free online resources

Here are some great websites that serves your needs. The links include free Audio and video editing tools, movie making tools and internet knowledge sources.  Check the links and use appropriately

1.Audio tools for editing your audio files or  recording one with your voice.

Open culture aggregates all kinds of free online educational resources at one place  a great resource for students…

Internet archive . It is a database for academic purpose. It’s goal is to preserve the internet for generations to come.

Free music online proved access to free music. for those who wants to be a filmmaker

A video editing sites

Free java script resources

Open source java script libraries can help in designing responsive web designs.

Here are some good resources for typography.

credits for all the above links goes to

Google keyword can be used to find who is searching on your website check details here

Are you finding it hard to name your website? Then try this word merge app…

or this one

To know if your would be website name is already taken check here   It will search all the websites to find if some one already took your name or not…

Free excel like tool for IOS