Wireless internet access using LED, Software tool for Disaster areas

Wireless internet data from LED Bulbs

A German physicist Mr.Harald Hass  has come up with a promising new technology named D-light for accessing internet wirelessly using Led bulb

By flickering the light from a single LED, he can transmit far more data than a cellular tower — and do it in a way that’s more efficient, secure and widespread.

It has new applications in hospitals, airplanes, military, and even underwater. Click here to watch his demo at ted.


The findings are already in practice in different forms in many research labs across the globe. Here is a link to what others have found about using the flickering light bulb for transmitting data wirelessly.


Wireless communication when everything breaks down during a disaster.

During a disaster relief agencies depend on satellite phones for communications. But they are expensive to buy and use. Here is a company that came up with a cheaper alternative software code that can be used to communicate information from a disaster zone.


You need to download the software code(free to download) to your laptop or phone and can use in the absence of vital internet access. For extra service like texting you might have to pay a small fees for use. Still it is considered way cheaper than using satellite phones.

The company partnered with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India, which will help deploy the service in communications-poor areas that have been hit hard by recent cyclones.

Bladeless table fans

Dyson an American company found a way to create a fan that does not have blades and called air multiplier. Dyson’s air multiplier blows a single sheet of air. The slope of wing creates negative pressure around the moving air sheet–thus sucking more air along for the ride. Thus while blowing little air the fan uses less current and gives out more air. Check more here


Jobs if you write code here http://techcrunch.com/2013/03/08/programming-challenges-benefit-job-seekers-and-employers/ 


Question Box

For those of us who can access internet we have instant information at our finger tips. We can search for any kind of news  instantaneously. Imagine if a farmer wants to know about weather so that he can plan is next crop or how to get rid of fungus, or virus or pests causing damage to his crops. Imagine a school students who did not understand a math problem. An unemployed youth wants to know where to find a job.  Where could all these people go for answers if they don’t have access to internet at their place ? Most of  the people in rural and town   don’t have access to Internet.   I know many students who are in higher education (pursuing engineering and MBA like courses)  who cannot pay for internet access.  In Order to connect  many people and to provide instant answers to any kind of question a novel project was started by Openmind called Question Box. It  is small metallic box with a phone attached and a operator who speaks the local language to take any kind of question. The Box will be attached to a shop or a school or college wall. People can dial and get answers from the operator on the other side   Question Box is an encyclopedia, Google, a library, and teacher combined into one small metallic box.  Question Box only needs mobile phone coverage, a handset, and a power supply to work. Anyone can ask any questions. The Operator will get back to you with answers. You can query a simple math problem to complex aerodynamics or space related matter or crop related or medical related questions. The Open question box is now in Haiti, India, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, and Sierra Leone with funding from the Grameen bank and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.  Question Box operators have built invaluable databases of local information that can be accessed instantly.  For information and bringing Question Box to your village, town or city click on the links




what time internet is most awake? want to copy web content? Learn English words

When is the best time for your facebook comment to be seen? what is the best time to tweet? Inorder to know Edlund created a world clock, which animates the probability when the Internet is awake or asleep in 25 countries at any given moment of the day. Check the cool stuff here


Want to copy web content.

The following two companies provide you the tools to copy the content and organize them together. Check the websites for further details



Some interesting websites

http://pinterest.com/ and http://streamzoo.com/home people can “pin” items they find on the web — everything from recipes and home décor to DIY(Do it yourselves) crafts and style inspirations.

Oxford word of the year 2011.

The Oxford English Dictionary has chosen its (two-word) word of the year: “Squeezed Middle”. Last year’s word of the year was big society, and the word of 2009 was unfriend. A good way to learn English words every day and new words that are becoming popular dues to social websites and technology innovations.

check for more words at http://oxforddictionaries.com/