Talent cannot be hidden

I was reading a telugu news paper and came across an article mentioning about Geetham students going to NASA to  build a device to mine special materials from Moon surface. I felt very happy and pleased to know that in the world of Facebook, twitter , movie culture there are students who are working towards reaching outstanding goals in their life and in turn raising the nations talent levels. MY best wishes will always be with them. I know we have many hidden gems in our student community with brilliant ideas. In the form of supporting them  i strive to bring some of the best from across the world to enrich students thru this blogs’. This blog is to let you all know that Intel conducts  science talent every year. I’m pleased to say that the first prize this time went to 17 year old Nitin Tumma for doing research on breast cancer. Here  is the link


“Intel is committed to supporting math and science innovation across all levels of education. The Intel Science Talent Search is just one example of Intel’s support of education at the high school level” More here  http://www.societyforscience.org/

Many Indian students achieve first positions in several competitions ranging from science , maths to spelling bee across the globe. we have students from rural villages in India  with hardly any support or infrastructure becoming IAS officers to holding top ranking positions.  Hard work, focus and sincere efforts to master the subject will always make you achieve great . If you are reading this Hope will be getting inspiration from this success stories and you will reach greater heights too. Let’s build this nation to be top destination of the world.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” -Henry Ford.

Some websites that help in supporting rural innovations are here http://www.nif.org.in/



Facebook, Youtube and other social media are now used for making mini serials

We all know that TV serials run for years with thousand or more episodes is because of the interest people have in the serials.

Intel Corporation and Toshiba is taking this idea into next levels by making a Hollywood style thriller mini serial directed by D.J. Caruso. He is well know for films like Disturbia and the recent sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four. , He is assisted by a famous cinematographer, Mauro Fiore (he shot Avatar for James Cameron).

The serialized episodes will be telecast at the end of July, with one four-to-five-minute episode released on various social media platforms (youtube, facebook etc) every few days, linked in between by tweets, Facebook posts, and video logs. The Toshiba laptop with Intel inside becomes a character in the film. Their main aim is to market (sell) their brands to the younger generation who mostly spend time on the social media than near a TV or in a theatre.

The story is that the heroine played by Christina Rossum is trapped in a room with a Toshiba laptop with Intel chip inside and an untraceable Internet connection. Her only hope: Connecting to “friends” on Facebook and Twitter who will help her to free herself.

By blurring the lines among gaming, social media, and Hollywood-style filmmaking filmmakers, brands like Intel , Apple, Microsoft etc are creating new trends and habits for the masses to follow. We already have habits that we never imagined we will develop as technology starts entering our lives from all sides. Following are the links to this news