The life was serene and the routine sans any excitement

The days are spent with friends and family with commitment.

That day happened to be somewhat different.

A friends request to join the fun made the mind indulgent.

Registration was a breeze and adding friends known and unknown swift

The learning and watching the updates made time to drift.

The comments, pictures, videos, updates never stopped streaming

The browsing, reading and commenting is the only thing that was happening.

The mind was roaming across the continents like a floating ship.

Joy, envy, sad, happy, hopelessness, loneliness, anxiety the spectrum of emotions started sinking deep.

Breakfast is a jiffy, lunch is delayed but the comments, gossips, likes and pictures never stops

Days turned into months, months to years, single friends to universal friends, life is now a dreamer’s paradise.

No time for sports, no time for family, no time for real friends and priorities are kept aside.

Facebook with you the feelings are mixture of delight, arise, demise, despise, disguise, divine, mesmerize, terrorize.

The exercise to log out can be felt as a sacrifice, compromise, and paralyze

And People hooked up to you can only fantasize

There are no words left with me to emphasize

Facebook, Youtube and other social media are now used for making mini serials

We all know that TV serials run for years with thousand or more episodes is because of the interest people have in the serials.

Intel Corporation and Toshiba is taking this idea into next levels by making a Hollywood style thriller mini serial directed by D.J. Caruso. He is well know for films like Disturbia and the recent sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four. , He is assisted by a famous cinematographer, Mauro Fiore (he shot Avatar for James Cameron).

The serialized episodes will be telecast at the end of July, with one four-to-five-minute episode released on various social media platforms (youtube, facebook etc) every few days, linked in between by tweets, Facebook posts, and video logs. The Toshiba laptop with Intel inside becomes a character in the film. Their main aim is to market (sell) their brands to the younger generation who mostly spend time on the social media than near a TV or in a theatre.

The story is that the heroine played by Christina Rossum is trapped in a room with a Toshiba laptop with Intel chip inside and an untraceable Internet connection. Her only hope: Connecting to “friends” on Facebook and Twitter who will help her to free herself.

By blurring the lines among gaming, social media, and Hollywood-style filmmaking filmmakers, brands like Intel , Apple, Microsoft etc are creating new trends and habits for the masses to follow. We already have habits that we never imagined we will develop as technology starts entering our lives from all sides. Following are the links to this news