Stock markets and Budget day

Stock markets, what is hot should be bought.

Rising and shining stock, missing it stands a good chance.

Global sneeze or a cold, for sure markets will crash-land with full load.

Prices scaling new heights with dizzying array, missing out in selling keep your portfolio in disarray.

Emotions run high and dry during a stock market day, there is no chance of keeping calm at bay.

Markets make you a poet, becoming a big bull invites you to the red carpet.

Economic survey connects with ancient wisdom, No clue why our leaders uses that with freedom

Budget Taxes are critical to watch, finance minister balancing the fiscal deficit and economic growth is the catch.

Investors looking for Dividend distribution tax, LTCG tax cuts, without which repatriation of foreign capital brings stock market prices to peanuts.

Common man to corporate honchos having spiritual sessions for body and mind,  not having great expectations from budget keeps us steady and sound.