we see God in you not the devil

Dear Doctor

We share our sufferings because your expertise is elixir to our bodies, we always wish that you are hale and healthy because your caring hands for sure will cure us. Believe us, we see God in you not the devil.

The best of the health, the most of the memories of your family be with you because your healing touch makes us see God in you not the devil.

The blessings of the cured , always be with you for the sacrifices you make and we all See God in you not the devil.

Your deft handling of illness, every night and day shall not go in vain for most of the times because you do make us see God in you not the devil.

For the vigour and new life you gave dear Doctor, our eyes will be full of gratitude and we can only see God in you not the Devil.

You are the healer of the suffering, you are the answer of our prayers and it is truly our destiny when cured or not, but we only see God in you not the devil

Fate it is really in this journey of joy and sorrow, bliss and sufferings, health or illness but we are blessed by your well wishes so we see God in you not the Devil.

Blessings, gratitude, heartfelt thanks and the joy of being treated by you makes us feel that we have seen the GOD in you and you will never be a DEVIL,



Kabali The movie in my words

He is thalaivar (leader) for masses and his life is full of brilliance

For any movie he can set fire on screen with his appearance.

The release of his movie makes media to become crazy

For his fans the day of the release makes them frenzy.

The loyalty and admiration for him is unheard anywhere

Even Hollywood or any world stars cannot dream or dare.

The name invokes instant adrenaline rush

The person has become an icon with a gush.

Kabali the movie set the imagination of millions of fans on ecstasy

The teasers of the film revoked the golden era of his earlier films fantasy.

The posters and cut-outs, the stickers on aeroplanes to auto rickshaws painted cities across India in colourful tapestry

The marketing of kabali paraphernalia, products, and his cake statue makers made merry with alacrity.

The super star of Indian movie is a god for millions of diehard fans with his enigma

Rajinikanth the name means magic, madness, marvel, mass hysteria, marketing puzzle, modern mogul of cinema and he is lovingly called as thalaiva.


–dedicated to diehard fans of marvellous actor Rajinikanth.

22/7/2016  RK