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If someone sent you a Chinese or other languages  PDF file you can translate that to English.  Upload your foreign version file to Google translate and let it translate the stuff for you. Here is the link and for editing

If you got a foreign language email you can install the Microsoft utility to translate the langauge without leaving your outlook email.

You can also use for translating any document and this will also preserve the original layout and formats

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If you want to edit text from a PDF Image file you can use Google OCR. Log In to your Gmail account, upload the image to Google docs (check the box “convert text to google format”)  and it will convert the image to text that you can edit later.

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Web tool to create easily ipad apps allows you to drag and drop snippets of code to create your own app very fast.

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Anyone can solve puzzles that scientists cannot. Check details here

A website called patients like me allows you to check treatments, symptoms and other great information online from fellow humans who suffer the same disease  This openness enables everyone to quickly learn about health related information without costing anything to them. Check details here

Water Bottle Bulb, GE Electric Networked Vehicle and Adobe EDGE with HTML5

A group of MIT students came up with a bright idea to power a poor man’s house with 60 watts of electricity for 5 years by just using a plastic bottle filled with water and few amounts of bleach to keep the water clean. Here is what they did.

Millions of homes are left in dark without power and light during day time also. What the MIT students did was to make a hole on the roof and push a plastic bottle filled with water plus beaching powder to keep the water clean. The water defracts the light, letting it spread throughout the house instead of focusing on one point.  The solar bottle bulb is illuminating 10,000 poor settlements across the Philippines with help from a company (

You can watch the video of the solar water bottle here.

I wish our students learn from these ideas and implement them in rural villages in India also.  Here are some more ideas that we should seriously consider for adoption for our rural villages.

In a recent development GE has unveiled a new type of electric vehicles called GM’s Electric Networked Vehicle (EN-V). EN-V is a two seater vehicle that does not use fuel and will not emit any poisonous gases. It’s lithium ion powered batteries can be charged by plugging into any standard wall power outlets. The vehicle talk to each other thru GPS, vehicle to vehicle communications and distance tracking.

More can be read at

There is already segway in the market but it did not catch up with masses. Mostly used by police in US to monitor malls and departmental stores or side walks.  check more about segway here

Adobe today unveiled a new tool completely developed using HTML5 for web developers to use instead of Flash.

“Edge will let web coders “bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS,” according to Adobe’s Press release. Edge can be downloaded for free here.

News about it can be read here   Press release today…. Enjoy