Simple tips for getting work done

While I talk to students there is one complain I hear, and that is  not having enough time in a day to learn something new  and they are always distracted by friends or TV or other activities. I always wonder what will happen to them when they start working in a very challenging work environment when they get hired. Modern work is very challenging and at the same time companies are trying to squeeze more work from employees in less time.  During the day you will be constantly distracted by emails from colleagues, friends and others. You will be called into meetings. You will be disturbed by people walking to your cubicle and chatting with you.You may be tempted to watch a new song or video online or shop for something online. Your friends want to go to a movie with you.  All these consume time , that otherwise you might be spending on finishing the work/studies  you supposed to finish that day.

When you are not prepared for that kind of environment then you will end up frustrated, ruin your health as tensions rise with approaching deadlines of finishing work on time. Also Many of us ignore the signals body sends as we get immersed in stressful work environment. 

In order to achieve what you planned to do you need to focus on that task only.

So let’s see how to be effective with time we have in a day and save ourselves from ruining our health or frustrated for not able to do enough in a day. In the age of distractions what research and one Harvard professor  said is that you should break your day time into intervals of 90/60/30 minutes with 5/10 minutes of break. For 90/60/30 minutes you should only focus on the most urgent work by not getting distracted from any kind of activities that distracts you. That 90/60/30 minutes you should have  patience, attention to details, concentration, and should have reverence for the moment.  Then take a break of 5 to 10 minutes go enjoy the nature or do yoga,spend time with friends,  play a instrument or take a walk or do something that won’t consume more than that 5 or 10 minutes and keeps your mind pleasant for the next 90  or 60 or 30  minute time slot work or studies.

There is no hard and fast rule that you should slot your day into 90 minutes schedules only. It can be 60 minutes of intense work/ studies and a 5/10 minutes break. Scheduling the time slots is up to you. If you can focus witout distraction for 90 minutes then you can do the 90 minutes rule. Without a doubt focus and concentration are the keys to productivity. It has been shown that when we come off a task or are distracted it can take a substantial amount of time to get back on task. You cannot really manage time, but you can manage yourself with this kind of planning.  This is especially helpful if you have several competing priorities and need to focus on one at a time.

With this kind of planning you can achieve 12 hours of work in 4 to 5 hours of time depending on what  kind of challenging work /studies you are involved in.

Here are the links for learning more on this techniques of time management and

Your 5 to 10 minutes breaks can be used for improving health. Check this info


5 thoughts on “Simple tips for getting work done

  1. I think you have provided me with a solution
    for my complaint…Thank you sir I will put
    this method into my daily schedule and see
    how effective it is!!!
    Could you please suggest is there any way to
    control the distractions (as you mentioned above)
    For eg.> I got a call from my friend at 5.00pm asking me
    to come to movie. I knew that I had to study at
    the same time but I couldnt control myself from seeing movie
    as I felt that it was a change to my routine
    Now tell me what should i do

  2. Sri
    In that situation What your heart says you should do. Saint tyagaraja in one of the kirthanas (Manasu Nilpa sakthi leka pothi”) said that “if your mind is wondering you cannot focus on worshiping God”. Just tell your friend that you are in no mood to go to movie that day if your heart says you to study.
    Let me tell you a story. There are two friends who met one day after a long time. One always wants to enjoy going to bars, love drinking and move with bad people. Other is devotee and spends time in temples. Two of them went to their respective destinations. The guy who went to temple was thinking of how his friend is enjoying and the guy who went to Bar was feeling bad about his habits and thinking about how peaceful his friend would be praying god. So when both die the guy who used to go to temple went to hell and the guy who went to bar goes to Heaven. I guess you got the morale of the story Right? Please pass on this info to all your friends circle.

  3. Sir i Just read the article “tips to save the time” i got a solution for my problem really i was unable to manage the time at the end of the i find no time to complete the work. I think best way to complete the work lies in effective time management, thank you very much sir for writing these valuable articles which helps the people a lot.

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