How to export email Id’s from facebook to excel .csv format

Most of the “export email id apps”  on Facebook won’t work so don’t use them for exporting email ids of your friends.  The simplest way of exporting your friends email id and other contact information is to use your Yahoo email id. Use the following steps.

Login to your Yahoo email Id  and go to CONTACTS Sub tab beside INBOX in your yahoo email.

Click on facebook import contacts to your Yahoo account.

Once the email id’s appear in your yahoo contact list you can export them to excel sheet in the .CSV (comma seprated) format and then export them to your other email accounts using this link

Note: The above method works when Yahoo account is NOT Linked to Facebook account. If your yahoo account is already set to LINKED ACCOUNT in Facebook then go to Facebook Application settings  remove “Yahoo Contact importer” and  try.

This will only download the email address, the phonebook in Facebook is still not exposed to external apps.

Fortunately, it will only import friends and their address if that friend has given permission to see their email address in their privacy settings in Facebook.


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