(Mis) Communication

Remember my article on “Silence or no response is the worst kind of feedback”.  (if you did not read it I recomend you reading it ).

Misunderstanding or miscommunication is the most common problem at work and in real life also. We interact with friends, colleagues and other employees with a fixed opinion in our brain from the initial few encounters with them. We listen to them or consider their every move with our pre set opinion lens from there on. So often we talk to one another but distracted by the voices in our own heads, unable to listen with open and positive mind to what other people are saying, let alone what they might be feeling.

Modern “communication  tools such as voice over IP, conference calls , Skype calls, yahoo , Google hangout  chats just make things worse.  With the technology tools it is now easy to work from anywhere in the world remotely without knowing anybody on the other side of the call. There are many international projects I worked closely with people from other continents but never saw them in person or met them in person.

On international projects people are in different time zones. We don’t start off the call trying to get to know anything about one another. We just jump into the project agenda, because we’re all busy. Imagine you are on the call and it is midnight in your place and you are fighting to keep awake to answer the call. Imagine you just happened to have a bad mood from some incidence but need to be cheerful on the call. There is a chance that you might slip and say something on the call that you really did not mean to say. People from other side of the call might form an opinion on this that might affect your future relationships with them.

Misunderstanding is the source of 99% of our problems

As long as the opinion is positive it is OK,  but if you formed a negative opinion based on some incidence or work/business  related matter then your opinion comes in the way of whatever the other person does from that day onward. You look at his work or every action of his with the inside opinion lens (Biased opinion). This affects working relationships and sometimes it becomes hard for people to work in teams if there are some negative opinions about some team members and the project manager will have tough time getting results effectively. First opinion is not always the best opinion at least in business or work.

Self reflection about your own preconceptions about colleagues and the courage to have a dialogue that helps you to better understood the other person will have some positive effect on your mind and in your relationship.

I read somewhere that when Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Owners of Google) listen to somebody they make sure to reapeat what they heard so that there is no mis Communication. It is better to follow that habit and listen carefully with full atention so that you can repeat what the other person is saying.

Hope you will start your interactions with a fresh mind set without any previous bias towards your friends and colleagues. Try best to be human when you judge the other persons motives.

Let’s build a positive community around us.

I request you to forward this blog to your friends. Thanks for your time and effort


2 thoughts on “(Mis) Communication

  1. hai sir,
    this is a useful article, it clearly demonstrates the demonstrating effects of miscommunication..
    and i expect more people to gain from it..

  2. Hello Sir,
    I must say this is a very good article. Thanks for your valuable words, this would certainly help us in building relations at work. Please help us for self improvement with many more effective articles like this.
    Greetings Sir! Have a great day..

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