Need Money for your ideas then read this

You got a Idea that will help  India and it’s citizens? You can submit your ideas related to technology, infrastructure and transportation, energy, agriculture  and social entrepreneurship to Mahindra and get money in the form of funding upto Rupees 10  lakhs

A couple of ideas are selected in the first round. If you are interested you can check it here for more details

One of the company that got funding is KFP rainwater harvesting. The system gathers large amounts of rainwater underground using a durable plastic sheet. More details can be obtained by here

Oil spillage Clean up

The X Prize Foundation, a non-profit organization announced the winners of the two companies  Team Elastec of Illinois and NOFI of Norway.  They where able to clean the BP OIL Spillage from the gulf coast the most efficient way. The conditions X prize foundation put forth is that the Teams should skim  minumum of 2500 gallons per minute of oil from the surface of the ocean water with a efficiency ration of atleast 70%. Read more here

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