Foldable boats , Rocket stoves & the paradigm project

Part of the funds and employment under Rajiv rojghar yojana ( ) , NREGA ( should be used in finding innovative solutions that helps to take on the challenges of a natural or man made disaster and challenges faced by the society etc.

One such idea is to encourage building foldable boats to be used during disasters  just like what the following companies have pioneered.  Foldboat came up with a compact plastic boat that can be foldable and easy to carry. More info on the design and co operation can be obtained from

The paradigm project: Around 3 billion around the planet cook food using wood and exposed to the smoke that is equal to 40 cigarettes smoke per day. 1.6 million people are killed every year due to smoke inhalation with women and children in  majority, and is the number one killer of children under the age of five (more than AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, and water-borne disease).

Till now thru various philanthropic efforts the most used idea is to provide these people a subsidized stove. But due to lack of continuous support on repairs and spares and other issues stoves are abandoned and women tend to go back to old methods of using wood again. The paradigm project studied the existing models and in order to sustain the habit of using stoves (the stove they supplied is called  clean-burning and efficient rocket stove  and they are able to supply 60,000 of the stoves till now) they connected the use of stove to carbon credit markets so people can earn money by selling carbon credits in US and European markets.

The paradigm project is recognized by the clinton global initiative twice.  Read more here on a run from San Diego to Los angeles to make poeple know how difficult to carry 15 miles wood on their back and walk back

Want to know how the internet cables run worldwide. Check out this cool infograph on how we are all connected.


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