Future of power generation.

New innovative solutions are emerging in power generation and here are some of the trends we should closely watch to see if they can be used in India or elsewhere. Most of these emerging technologies are really focused on cutting down on the global emissions. A company in US has built a portable nuclear power plants. This system can be transported on a mini van and use the nuclear power where it is needed. More details about this technology and the company’s can be read at http://www.hyperionpowergeneration.com/



In another news MIT was able to create solar power by coating solar generating cells on clothes and plastic material etc. This innovation if becomes successful will help to reduce the cost of making solar cells very cheap on a cloth or plastic that we can bend or twist or carry very easily. More can be learnt here.




Duke energy is one of the largest electric utility companies in United States. As per the CEO Jim Rogers of Duke Energy the following are the future trends in power generation to be watched closely.

  1. Solar and wind energy will become cheaper and will dominate the power generation field.
  2. Battery technologies using zinc air (battery technology) will come into full use and the company to be watched is BYD from china. More about BYD and its electric bus can be read here. http://green.autoblog.com/2011/03/24/byd-bringing-buses-america-before-cars/


3. Modular nuclear power as mentioned under portable nuclear van above.

MIT has come up with a new Carbon Nano technology to store sun light using carbon and another compound to generate power. By using cheaply available carbon there are immense possibilities of reducing use of natural resources. You can read more about this new invention here



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