Health care and technology = Money. Some more promising Kickstarter projects

Healthcare is rapidly catching up with technology. There are several apps, devices, gadgets that provide various services to keep us healthy and  transforming how health care is delivered.   Connecting with patients, monitoring their health  remotely has become more easy for doctors due to ubiquitous  use of mobile phones and other technologies. This resulted  in better service to patients and more business opportunities for hospitals , apps developers, wireless medical device developers etc.  But adoption of modern technologies, apps  by hospitals is very slow due to various reasons. One common problem doctors face is the accuracy of the results provided by the apps developed by people who are more technologists than doctors.  These resulted in a attempt by MIT Media lab to create a common platform for allowing would be entrepreneurs  Doctors and other field experts to collaborate and bring accuracy in diagnosis of patients. The above attempt also reveals that there is great potential for students, Medicos and app developers to check if they can create solutions that could lead them to start a company on their own. The MIT Media lab’s Hackathon allowed many such enterprising individuals to come up with various health solutions. Below links will  guide you to start creating some on your own. Good luck and keep checking my blogs for more interesting and useful articles.

Some interesting projects that got funding by public via Kickstarter are as belows. This should guide you to what attracts mass funding so that you can come up with similar projects too..

Many ideas need support in designing and taking up manufacturing the products. Below companies are helping the above entrepreneurs on manufacturing side of the products. I feel that there is room for having similar idea implemented and connect with kickstarter project owners in helping with their products.


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