Removing arsenic from water with plastic waste, SPICE for climate change, Solar news

In a interesting research scientists have found that if water is contaminated with arsenic they can get rid of that poisonous material by coating chopped plastic waste with a amino acid called Cysteine  ( ) .

This method is far cheaper and when Cysteine coated plastic is thrown into arsenic contaminated waters they found  that 20 parts of arsenic per billion  was reduced .2 parts per billion–making water totally safe to drink. More can be read about this here

Read some more interesting articles on Wireless capacity that can be doubled without new cell towers. Check this news at

Microbes can clean waste and generate electricity check this info here

Geo Engineering to reduce global warming: Scientists at a UK lab are experimenting on spraying water into air from a balloon to cool the atmosphere. The experiment is called SPICE: Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering    Check for more details here

This is based on a study on volcanic eruptions having some cooling effect. Read about this here

But there is some resistance to this move from environmental groups. Check more here

Solar News

This website teaches us how to efficiently get solar power in spite of clouds and where there is no sun light for much of the time. check out the details at

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    1. Good. Now i got some satisfaction of writing something useful to our student community. It is 2 long years of writing these blogs without getting any feedback in the form of comments.

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