Most Anticipated Games for 2013

I felt like writing about the upcoming Games that might be popular this year. Gaming industry offers lots of career opportunities for Engineering and design students.  I want aspiring students to focus on the content, design and quality of the games to know where the gaming industry is heading and where you can make an impact on the world. Education, corporate training’s and many kinds of knowledge transfer’s  are done using games as the medium. Future of language learning or skills training will be imparted using games on mobiles as medium. So brace up for some action and also learn the code behind it to be the hottest programmer and to have a cool, content rich career.

  1. Ni No Kuni:  A Japanese Most anticipated game also called “Another World”  Game rich in content and graphics. More about this here
  2. In justice Gods among us: Developed by studios.
  3. Devil may cry : Developed by ninja Theory for xbox and PS3
  4. Crysis 3 : Developed by
  5. Aliens: Colonial Marines : Developed by
  6. BioShock : Developed  by
  7. Metal gear rising : Developed by
  8. Rayman Legands:
  9. Sim City:

10. Starcraft2: Heart of the swarm:

11. Game and wario:

12. Wonderful 101 :

13. The walking dead: Season two:

14. Grand theft auto  V:

15. Tomb Raider:

16. God of war, Ascension:

17. Army of two: The devil’s Cartel :

18. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon:

19. Metro: Last Light

  1. 20.  The last of us:

21. Pikmin 3

22. Bayonetta2

23. Star trek :

24. Beyound: Two souls:

25. The Last of US :

Sample of the software that runs behind games Check here :


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