Crude from Plastic waste, Corruption tracker, Renewable energy report, Electricity from waste

Many companies are focusing on resue of industrial wastes, plastics and other materials that otherwise will be harmful to nature  Vadxx energy a  Ohio based  company invented a method to use all kinds of plastic waste, used industrial solvent , waste oil   scrap/old car  tires,   synthetic fibers and heavy refinery bottom oil to produce low sulfur  synthetic crude oil and natural gas. The plant is already capable of producing 80,000 barrels of synthetic crude oil and its present customers are oil refining companies, energy resellers.

There  is this other company that re uses agricultural waste. As per the information on their website they are treating  nursery pots and trays, ground cover, seed sacks, plastic binder twine, triple-rinsed pesticide containers and greenhouse film for reuse.

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The above two companies are a possibility for budding entrepreneurs to collaborate with them  to bring this technology to India.   Any takers?

A new website on corruption:

We did a good job of supporting Anna hazare Ji on fighting the corruption. A new startup enterprise called corruption tracker(  launched at singularity university ( ) is attempting  to use peoples feedback , photos and videos to highlight corruption from across the world.This method of collecting information is called Crowdsourcing. If more than few people report corruption that information might be true and this is the basis of authenticating the corruption issues by this startup. The company cross-references  existing databases from anti-corruption organization Global Integrity to make sure about the correctness of data

Renewable Energy: Country rankings.

Ernst and Young in a report has given ranks to countries based on the implementation of renewable sources of energy and India which was in third position slid to 4th position in this round. The third is now taken by Germany. Check for more details on this news at—Gas/Oil_Gas_Renewable_Energy_Attractiveness-Indices

Electricity from waste: Future energy needs can be met if municipal waste is turned to energy and that is what these two companies successfully doing.  One from Canada and the other one from US. The process appears simple as follows

“Recyclables are sorted out of the waste and the remaining material is heated to 750 degrees Fahrenheit until it emits hydrogen-rich gas. Carbon dioxide and other impurities are removed from the gas, and a catalyst turns some of the hydrogen into methanol, which can be further processed into ethanol. The heat created during the process can be used to create electricity or boil water.”

Check more details at


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