There is no failure. There can’t be.

Remember this when you go to a job interview or you are writing an exam or meeting somebody very important for your career or business or your personal life.

We take some important life related matters very seriously – that if you make one mistake, we feel bitter and sometimes it looks like a disaster.  But really everything you do is just a test: an experiment to “see what happens”.

Listen more. Ask lot of questions. See what happens. You might be learning something new and useful to you.  You may be very smart but just pretend you are below average and listen sincerely or patiently to others. Your ego may try to stop you from listening but listening is one of the best soft skills you need to have in order to achieve great success.

Stop thinking others are stupid. Some of the people you might come across may have a treasure of information you might need and it helps , if you can talk to them and learn from them and see what happens Just think you are a beginner. It puts you in student mind. It keeps your focus on present practice and future possibilities, and away from any past accomplishments.

Most people are so worried about doing something new / great that they never do anything at all.

My favorite times in life have often started with a “see what happens” spirit. Read my other blog Pay attention and you will observe that I experimented with “See what happens” and succeeded.

Let’s see what happens if you dedicate one hour for Yoga and meditation. Your health and state of mind  will improve and it helps you to focus on what you want to accomplish.

See what happens if you sit in some of my classes. You can gain something from my lectures that might lead you to  success as student and future employee.

See what happens if you develop something for the people to use. You may become an entrepreneur and later may start a big company, be its boss and give livelihood to many more people. There is not much loss in experimenting new products or services that can benefit people and you.

I just gave a few examples of see what happens. You might be having some special skills and may want to do something but you are hesitant to do it. In such a case don’t be shy just try. See what happens. There is always an experience to gain with this.

This is a test and only a test. There is no downside. Try everything.

There is no failure. There can’t be, if your only mission is to “see what happens” and learn from the previous mistakes and move forward. As always I’m there to advice in case you need one. Good luck and start doing something new that you never attempted and share your experiences thru your comments.


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