More cool websites for daily use

We spend lot’s of time on Facebook, chat or watching Youtube videos so much that some times we miss studying for our exams or miss some other appointments. To alert you and also watch how much time you spend on your computer there is a service called Rescue time. Rescue time watches what you do, on the web alone or across all your computer apps, and  let you know how much time you spent on each app or websites. learn more here 

Want to track how your money is spent or Maintain accounts of your cash?  Here is a website very popular for money management

A collection of useful websites click here

Some more useful websites.

1. want to edit that movie song and add your own voice into that song. You can do that using this website

You can edit , cut and modify the audio files as you want it. Try it

2. Want to convert files from DOC to PDf or any other format without downloading any conversion software. here is a website that helps you to convert from any format to any other forma.

3.  want to work on your photos to bring in some cool effects more than editing, cutting and cropping. Try this website

4.Want to get some special characters, funny figures, currency symbols. You don’t need to look for special symbols anymore on your keyboard. you can just click once on the character in this website and you can paste it where ever you want.

5.Don’t need to buy powerpoint software anymore. you can use sliderocket to build online powerful presentation download them to powerpoint or pdf format and use the same  Another powerpoint tools that you can use is

6.Want to hear the best bands and musicians without any ads. Check out this cool website

7.Send messages from any device and receive messages on all other subscribed devices. Send and receive messages using a Phone, TV, Car, Tablet, GPS Device, Game Console and Web. Anything can receive messages. Anything can send messages. Broadcast messages to multiple devices simultaneously. Or broadcast a message to one device at a time

8. Build web and mobile apps with this

9.Another online chat service

10.The OpenTok API is a free and flexible cloud-based API, making it easy to add video chat to your applications without having to worry about infrastructure and scale—build your app using our simple JavaScript or ActionScript libraries.

11. Gaming site



One thought on “More cool websites for daily use

  1. its great posting the list of websites useful to students and can make us to implement our ideas

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