A Tattoo guy,a Dentist and a mechanic and x prize’s one million dollars

Experts are good for solving most of the problems any industry or society faces. But the problem is Experts with their experience can co relate the problem to existing solutions and quickly use it to solve the present problem. But for a most complex problems like Oil spillage where British Petroleum (BP) spent $20 Billion,  a team of unlikely guys : one who works in Tattoo parlor, a Dentist and a Mechanic came up with a 99% efficient oil cleaning methods for $1 Million prize.

The Moral of the story is : When there is a huge problem just don’t bank on experts alone but also look for unrelated sources for help. We never know who can give you the best and workable idea. Read more about the X prize foundation that gives away lot’s of money for solving extraordinary challenges by common man.





3 thoughts on “A Tattoo guy,a Dentist and a mechanic and x prize’s one million dollars

  1. guess now we will find all the time needed to have an understanding at a greater depth of your posts sir… i really thank you very much for your perseverance…

    1. Good. Hope some of the blogs will be of use to you and your friends. Off late you and all your friends are busy with facebook loading some great moments of your friendships at college.I want all you girls to focus on your life book and read some of the articles I wrote. I request you to pass on the blog info to all your friends too.
      Good luck

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