Want to develop cool websites with drag and drop facility? Read this

The most colorful websites you come across are now built using HTML5. A team  from Google chrome have developed the following two cool websites using HTML5 alone. You will enjoy playing with this. Try them out. here are the links



Wix.com a website allows anyone to build a cool website without knowing a single line of HTML5 Code. HTML5 new version allows to integrate multimedia — videos, pictures, graphics and words pretty easily.Wix.com says anyone can build a world class website with it’s built in templates.  Wix.com allows you to drag and drop the required templates and you can type in your content in between. Wix.com already have millions of free and premium users developing cool websites.  HTML5 works on all web browsers and also on mobiles. HTML5 is rapidly gaining popularity since it’s features and usability on multiple platforms makes it the most promising software to use.   Here is the link http://www.wix.com/blog/2012/03/beautiful-web-content-created-with-html5/

Happy website development.. come back to this blog for more interesting articles


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