Got a Business Idea? Then read this

This century and next belongs to Asian countries with western markets saturated and growth prospects bleak. Asian countries in turn are beaming with hyper growth potential and untapped rural population for marketing a slew of products and services that would enhance the living standards of the mostly poor and middle class populations. There is a wide recognition to the opportunity of creating services, products among the many talented entrepreneurs internationally, in India and other Asian countries.  Many smart and creative people started plethora of small to medium companies across several sectors ranging from agriculture, industrial manufacturing to renewable energy sector.  Many  of these  profitable ventures lack the skills to scale their operations nationwide to global levels.  In order to help take these budding enterprises to professionally managed companies World resource institute’s green network of enterprise acceleration centers has started a funding service called New ventures. These funding agency helps small and emerging companies with money, business training and scaling operations to those companies which are profitable but lack skills to take their company to next level of growth nationwide.   The following are the list of companies new ventures have helped in financing

For companies from Brazil, Indonesia and other asian countries click the link below

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