Facebook access thru your Phone

You can use FACEBOOK even on your most primitive phone without paying for any service plans. Just Dial *325# and login to your facebook account on your phone. Presently this is working on Airtel , TATA Docomo, IDEA and aircel. This service is brought by Fonet with help from FACEBOOK. Facebook is trying to reach the maximum users and India offers it to become a very rich company without much effort with millions of users having mobile phones. The more time we spend on Facebook the more money it makes thru advertisements. This service does not need any internet connection or 3G or 4G services and can also be used on the most primitive phones such as Nokia 1100. As per a report this service by Fonet will charge you one rupee per day for accessing Facebook on your phone.

Disclaimer: Please verify before using this service. We never know what kind of hidden charges and other issues will happen. This blog is just for letting you know what is available  to you. We will not be responsible for any issues with this service.

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