Question Box

For those of us who can access internet we have instant information at our finger tips. We can search for any kind of news  instantaneously. Imagine if a farmer wants to know about weather so that he can plan is next crop or how to get rid of fungus, or virus or pests causing damage to his crops. Imagine a school students who did not understand a math problem. An unemployed youth wants to know where to find a job.  Where could all these people go for answers if they don’t have access to internet at their place ? Most of  the people in rural and town   don’t have access to Internet.   I know many students who are in higher education (pursuing engineering and MBA like courses)  who cannot pay for internet access.  In Order to connect  many people and to provide instant answers to any kind of question a novel project was started by Openmind called Question Box. It  is small metallic box with a phone attached and a operator who speaks the local language to take any kind of question. The Box will be attached to a shop or a school or college wall. People can dial and get answers from the operator on the other side   Question Box is an encyclopedia, Google, a library, and teacher combined into one small metallic box.  Question Box only needs mobile phone coverage, a handset, and a power supply to work. Anyone can ask any questions. The Operator will get back to you with answers. You can query a simple math problem to complex aerodynamics or space related matter or crop related or medical related questions. The Open question box is now in Haiti, India, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, and Sierra Leone with funding from the Grameen bank and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.  Question Box operators have built invaluable databases of local information that can be accessed instantly.  For information and bringing Question Box to your village, town or city click on the links

3 thoughts on “Question Box

  1. Never knew such a thing existed. Thanks for posting this. But I wonder how many people are putting this to good use. How many students are using this to aid their education vs knowing cricket scores! Hope the money spent on this is not being wasted away. Did you spot any of these in Kakinada?

    Perhaps, its a good idea to introduce this in all school districts.

    1. Question Box? Not in Kakinada yet. Hope my blog brings one here. Meanwhile many of the global companies are taking a good look at their strengths and using that in a different ways to build their brand. One example I’m going to write in my future blog is about INTUIT FASAL . A simple SMS message system that is enabling Andhra and Gujarat farmers to know the value of their crop yeilds. Hope even HP learns to use it’s strength in unrelated fields like INTUIT does. Check more details here

  2. Very interesting. It will be a great success and time well spent for you if the Question box comes to Kakinada. All the beset.

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