climate change: Get used to new kind of food.

Due to climate changes crop growth patterns are changing rapidly. We are already seeing that many variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other food trees are disappearing from the planet rapidly and farmers are forced to use seeds that suit the present climate. According to several researches and observation across the globe Tropical regions, where conditions are already hot and arid, or are entirely dependent on seasonal rainfall, will likely turn in to deserts. We in India are already facing the climate effect where in many places winter and rainy season is slowly disappearing and only hot weather persists. That will lead to water scarcity and eventually those crops that can withstand hot weathers only will survive. The traditional fruits and vegetables we used to enjoy may now come from far places like US to Australia  or they may completely vanish  since out climate is not suitable to grow them anymore. Check the following patterns that are already happening across the globe here in the links given below. New variety’s of food are appearing and some age old fruits, vegetables and other food stuff is not there anymore.


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