Business ideas that are easy to implement

Many garden enthusiasts will love this idea. With crowded apartments and no place  to grow any kind of plants  a successful company has come up with a idea of window farming. The idea become so popular that there is a waiting list to get the material needed to grow plants on windows. I think some of our entrepreneurial students , engineering folks should consider similar idea in India. This would be potentially a successful business and support environment. Chek the below weblink to get the design idea to implement it in our cities.

McKinsey the global consultancy firm is bringing together the most innovative projects products and services from around the world that solve major problems of the world poor together in order to highlight the achievements of the people. They selected 11 finalists among the entries they received. Here is the list of the most innovative companies that are solving the major problems of the world. I’m wishing that some of the readers of this blog get inspiration to adopt the solutions provided by somebody for solving the problem in their areas and in the process can make a living on that business.


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