Help for Rural poor. Wind mills scrambles air traffic radar signals, Bio fuel news

Google started a service for solving complex problems world faces by inviting people to participate and suggest solutions. Big and small companies are dismantling R&D and allowing people to solve complex problems Check this website

There are lot’s of products developed for the poor in several countries. Below are two companies that are worth watching. This information I felt may be useful for students / business people interested in Rural business ideas or helping poor.

Wind mills are good alternative solution as clean energy but they pose a new kind of threat to air traffic control. With Indian aviation   ready to take off there would be a problem for Air traffic control rooms because wind turbines movement will signal as Air plane signals on the Air traffic Radar systems. In order to solve this problem  Cambridge consultants found a solutions in the form of 3D holographic radar that can differentiate between aircraft and wind turbines of all sizes. Cambridge consultants has floated a new company for this business unit called Aveillant

Aveillant will provide airfields with the accurate radar data needed to eliminate the potential confusion this could cause, without any resulting loss or compromise in performance, safety and security of the country,.

Holographic technologies have other uses such as finding land mines and to track artillery shells. It is a good idea for our military personnel to consider these technologies.

Biofuel News:

With the discovery of how photosynthetic  and sugar hungry Becteria produce biofuel ; we are now in a position to use what nature has perfected for billions of years. This does not need to install expensive refinery, no  elaborate project management or  large scale infrastructures. We simply need lots of sunshine for photosynthesis and a bacteria by name Shewanella  that breaks sugar and uses sun’s rays to develop Biofuel. This bacteria is a resorvior of biofuel  The bacteria acts as almost like a biological oil well, directly producing “biohydrocarbons” which can be rendered into anything from diesel fuel to medicines. A research done by university of minnesota  with a company called

The bioreactors manufactured by BioCee are plastic sheets with a 100 micron layer of latex, similar to paint, in which the microorganisms are embedded. Placed together, one sheet acts as a solar collector and the other uses designer bacteria to convert sugar into chemicals”

Lichen another bacteria also works on the similar principles.

China flew its first demonstration flight around Beijing  using Biofuel made by Honeywell. The fuel is 50% honey well biofuel  made from jatropa plant  and 50% aviation fuel. Honeywell is working with PetroChina, Air China and Boeing to create an aviation biofuels infrastructure in China. United airlines also flown a test flight from Houstan to Chicago powered   by 60% biofuel   sourced from Solazyme. Solazyme grows heterotrophic algae inside containers where the organisms eat sugarcane and spit out oil.  For more info click below

Water and nature related website links


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