The dirtiest and germ infected devices

The daily used gadgets like Mobile phones, tv remotes, computer keyboards are mostly infected with all kinds of germs and infections. This is one of the source for flu, fever and other ailments. Check for more details in this nice infograph on the percentage of these bacteria on our daily used gadgets 

Most of the citizens also uses Auto’s and public transportation system for daily commute. While travelling we touch the rods of the buses and autos for support that are infected by bacteria /Germs from a sneeze of other person, a dirty hand or a infected person  and there are several instances of people becoming sick. The moral of this is that the moment you reach your home make sure to wash your legs and hands with soap before touching food or anything in the house. Avoid eating junk food made by the road side vendors because they accumulate lot’s of dust, fumes from autos, buses and other vehicles. It is like inviting trouble into your body.


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